Which of the World’s Most Instagrammable Sneakers Do You Own?

For some of us, our social media accounts have become a little bit like a scrapbook of our lives where we can document everything from a weekend trip to the zoo to the new outfit we bought.

Lots of people take to Instagram to share their fashion choices and show off their style, so it’s no surprise that there are millions of posts of our favourite footwear.

Forward2Me has compiled all of the data on the most popular sneakers and how much love they get on Instagram. With 30 different pairs of sneakers and a grand total of 33,336,065 different Instagram posts, it’s clear that this footwear gets a lot of attention. But which ones are the most popular?

Adidas NMD

Coming out at the top spot is the Adidas NMD which was released way back in December 2015. With its modern take on classic themes, this collection has proved to be incredibly popular with Instagrammers who have posted a whopping 5,709,871 posts using its hashtags.

Adidas Yeezy 350

At number two is another Adidas sneaker, the Yeezy Boost 350. Created in conjunction with Kanye West, it’s no surprise these made the top five. They hit an impressive 4,198,238 Instagram posts with the hashtags #yeezy350 and #yeezyboost350.

Vans Old Skool

These classics have been around since the 70s so it’s good to see that they are still so well loved. Their simple design makes the perfect subject for an Instagram photo shoot. There are 3,594,318 posts featuring these sneakers using the hashtags #vansoldskool and #oldskool, putting them in the top three.

Adidas Superstar

Another classic style, the Adidas Superstar comes in at number four. Originally released in 1969, the Superstar is still one of the brands most popular collections, reflected in its Instagram popularity. The sneakers have 3,433,316 posts using #adidassuperstar, securing their place in the top five.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Chuck Taylors are known for their classic and recognisable style. They have stood the test of time and are still just as popular now as they were when they were released. Their hashtags on 2,175,091 different posts, filling the last spot of the top five.

Most Popular Brands

Not all sneakers are made equal, and that’s clear from the split between the brands. In the top 30, Nike accounts for over a third of the sneakers with a total of 6,701,877 posts, whereas Adidas has 7 sneakers but a huge 15,960,423 posts. These are then followed by Air Jordan which has 5 sneakers on the list and 1,016,532 total posts.

Take a look at the infographic and see if any of your sneakers appear on the list. If not, maybe it’s time to start posting and tagging your favourite footwear to try and knock the Adidas NMD off the top spot.

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