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What we learnt about our skin at the Sk:n Clinic Open Day

We recently attended the launch of the new Sk:n clinic in Cambridge.

It was a really informative morning, we learned so much about skin and how best to care for it.

First up we had a skin scan, which was well a little bit weird. Was like being in a photo booth, And using an ultraviolet filter.

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We were then shown various areas on our face and what it all meant. Like bags under your eyes, quite simple you need to drink more water. Oily skin(which mine becomes when it’s that time of the month) use a non-oil based cleanser. Have lots of freckles, use a low SPF based moisturizer on daily basis.

We then got a taste of a Hydro facial which is none invasive way of cleaning your skin of all the gunk it picks up. Including pesky blackheads. It’s a sort of suction which really tickles when the machine is turned on. It’s really satisfying at the end to look at the tube and see all the gunk that’s been removed out of your skin.

Photo credit: Fuzzable
Photo credit: As a Button

We also got given an individual care plan for our skin on what products best to use for our skin.

Photo credit: As a Button


Huge thank you to everyone at the sk:n clinic for teaching us so much about the best skin care available for our skin!


What products do you use? Let us know @Fuzzable!



Written by Kelly McFarland

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