What to expect in season 5 of The 100

Well, the wait is finally over as the trailer and release date for the 5th season of The 100 has been released on YouTube. The 100 is a TV series over on the CW that first aired in 2014 that was based on the 3 part book series. It currently has 4 seasons where so much twist and turns occurred that it bares the lingering question – Will they survive the harsh conditions of the post-radioactive Earth?

The main plot will be mostly revolve on the question ‘Who gets to keep the last living valley?‘. It’s also clear that there will be issues when it comes to who to trust and how they will be able to win another war against an enemy with advanced weaponry.

The last living valley on Earth

What to expect in the upcoming season?

The Unknown ship

Since the end of the last season back in May 2017, fans were surprised that Season 5 will take place 6 years after Praimfaya rather than a series of episodes on how everyone in the Bunker and in the Ark will manage to survive. I guess we will find that out in the upcoming season.

Based on the trailer alone, it seems that Clarke has met another nightblood grounder and somehow aware about the people in the ship.

Meanwhile, Octavia seems to struggle to keeping the Wonkru together despite earning the leaders of the 12 Clan’s respect during the final Conclave back in Season 4. She still doubts her skills as a leader and seeks advice from Jaha. This might lead to her having to kill the people who go against her ruling. It’s also seen that she might still have some unresolved resentment towards Bellamy.

Octavia in the bunker

One thing to also expect as well is the the people who made it to the Ark back in Season 4, they return to Earth but the question lies on if they trust the new characters that will be introduced in the series and if there are still unresolved conflict between characters.

Also… how were they even able to go back home from space?

Octavia and Bellamy

Are you excited to see what happens next? Do you think the conflict will continue throughout the season or will the character finally be able to trust each other or will it just be another bloodbath as always?

Find out on April 24, 2018.

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