What Should Western Guests Wear to an Indian Wedding?

Weddings are huge events in most cultures, but Indian weddings take this to a whole new level. With celebrations going on for days and guest lists that dwarf those of western weddings, if you are lucky enough to be invited to an Indian wedding, you are in for quite an experience.

So, if you are a westerner with an Indian wedding invite, you’re probably wondering what you are going to wear – let us help you decide.

Choose Bright Colours

Whether you opt for a traditional Indian or a western outfit, one of the most important things is making sure you wear something colourful and bright. There are some colours that are best to avoid. These include black and white, as these colours are often associated with funerals in Indian culture. It’s also best to avoid wearing red if you are a woman as this is the colour often worn by brides.

Choose Something Comfortable

Indian weddings tend to be a lot longer than western weddings and there will be plenty of food and celebrations so it’s important that you choose an outfit that you will be comfortable in. You may want to avoid wearing anything too tight so you can truly enjoy yourself and feel comfortable throughout the entire wedding celebrations.

Make Sure to Accessorise

At Indian weddings, you can expect to see plenty of fantastic accessories worn by guests and the wedding party. Try adding bangles, ornate necklaces and earrings to your outfit and you are sure to fit in with the other guests.

Western Dress or Indian Dress?

Many western wedding guests are often unsure of whether they should wear a traditional Indian outfit or whether they should stick to a western dress. Ultimately, it is up to you and what you need to wear to feel comfortable and confident. However, at most Indian weddings, western guests are encouraged to wear a traditional Indian outfit.

Women can choose to wear a saree, Anarkali suit or a lengha, whereas men can wear a tailored kurta pyjama, a sherwani or a jodhpuri.

We spoke to Sonas Haute Couture who said,

“Indian weddings have so much culture and tradition woven into them, so as a guest, you are invited to get involved in that. Formal Indian outfits are beautiful and are often so much more ornate and opulent than the dresses you would wear to a western wedding, so this is a great opportunity for western guests to wear some of the most intricate and gorgeous outfits they’ll ever wear.”

An Indian wedding can be such a joyous occasion, so why not throw yourself into it and get involved with the beauty of these traditions and cultures. When you’re at an Indian wedding, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, so find yourself a fabulous outfit and have a great time!

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