What Makes A Great Night Out & Where Should You Head In 2018?

When you’re committing to a night out, whether it’s a girl’s night out, a birthday bash, a stag, or any other kind of night out, you’ll be hoping to have an amazing time. A truly great night out makes fantastic memories that you can look back on fondly, and produces fantastic stories to retell for years to come.

But what truly makes a great night out? Is there a secret to it? We thought we’d take a little look at what really makes a night stand out from the rest!

The people

The people you are with will ultimately dictate your night, as you could be in a really rubbish bar and still have a blast with the right crowd. Whether that’s your best friends who you’ve known your entire life and stuck around through thick and thin, or new people that you’ve only just met but have a great vibe with, the right people will make all of the difference.

The place

Which city you go out in will undoubtedly affect your night out, as there are a number of different factors that will change depending on where you are. First of all, each city has its own people, and you will definitely notice a difference if you’re visiting somewhere new.

People talk about how different the North is from the South and vice versa, but you’ll have a very different night out in Newcastle than you would in Leeds.

Beyond the people themselves, there are a lot of elements that go into a night out, and My Voucher Codes recently looked into the data of what actually makes a good night out and ranked each city to create a league table of cities you may want to visit.

Their research took into account things such as how safe each city or town is, the price of a taxi, a pint, and how many clubs or bars there are per 100,000 people. Check it out here!


It is often said that the best nights out are the unplanned spontaneous ones where you think you’re just going out for one quick drink after work and then stumble home at midday the next day having not even realised you’d been up all night because of the great time you were having.

You end up meeting a whole new group of friends that you just totally click with, and heading somewhere you don’t normally drink or have never been before. You may wind up at some mad house party having the time of your life when your normal scene is a chilled one at your local.

Without a doubt, one of the key ingredients for a great night out is definitely a sense of adventure and doing something a little bit unexpected. So perhaps the next time you’re out and about but things are getting a little dull, it may be time to suggest something a little bit spontaneous and see where you end up.

There are more options for after dark activities these days than there once were as the Guardian explores in this article, so you don’t just have to stick to the traditional pub and club trope you may be sick of.

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