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What is YouTube… To me at least

On September 9 – 10, Vidcon Australia was first held in Melbourne in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Ever since the news broke back in 2016, I was stoked since Vidcon is the mecca of YouTube conventions.

I knew I had to go. I needed to go.


I was able to make use of the weekend to learn more about what being a YouTuber is like. But if there is one thing that this event did, it made me reflect. It allowed me to ask myself the question: What is YouTube? Or at least, what is it for me?

When you ask various people that question, they would respond with various answers.

Creators use the platform to express their creativity and fans use the site to seek comfort and connect with someone who understands what their going through. Some say it’s an escape, and others say it’s a place for them to connect with others.

YouTube has evolved from a platform filled with cat videos and random funny content to a place where we as fans and creators can build connections and a community with each other. When I went to the GTLive panel on Sunday, both Matpat and Stephanie spoke about how their livestreams helped them connect more with their fans with the content they produced. Other creators say that they use the platform to help them find friends or find someone to talk to about their issues.

We’re the misfits that found each other as we don’t belong anywhere else – Gabby (TheGabbyShow // Creator Keynote)

So what is YouTube… to me at least?

YouTube is a voice.

It’s a place where I can speak out what’s in my mind when nobody is around. A platform where I could form some sort of discussion. It’s also where I could share my stories to people I know who may live far away or who I’ve lost touched overtime. And I think it’s sweet that they view my videos as a way of me saying ‘Hi, this is what I’m currently up to with my life’.

Vidcon Australia was an amazing experience that I will never forget and I was able to learn a lot from it.

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