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What is Tarot reading, and does it work?

Skepticism of any form of psychic reading is generally born from misunderstanding, and Tarot card reading is no exception.

Ask a group of people what a Tarot reading is, and 99% will say it predicts the future. But that’s incorrect, and it’s this misunderstanding that causes skepticism.

Tarot readings are no more mystical than a well thought out personal goal. When making a goal, you are, in no lesser terms, predicting the future you desire, based on whatever circumstances are available to you at that time and your aspirations.

That’s all a Tarot reading is meant to be.

Tarot card readings are only a range of possibilities; the meaning you take from them is entirely up to you.

It’s no different from the decisions we make on a daily bases because everything’s subjective. What you take from a Tarot reading will be completely different from the next person with the same cards.

So, does this mean it’s a bunch of mystic nonsense?

Well, only you can decide.

How a Tarot Reading Works

It begins with the Tarot reader (not a psychic) dealing out the cards and placing them in what’s known as a spread (a specific order of laying the cards). The reader then interprets the spread based on the face value of the cards and their position. It isn’t the cards alone that provide you with your future alternatives. Their position plays an equally important role in answering any questions.

The Common Spreads

The two most common spread types are:


It consists of ten cards representing elements like conflicting issues, personal hopes, past, and future influences.


A three-card spread, the first card represents the past, the second the present, and the third the future. However, there are several different types of three-card spreads that cover current situations and obstacles, advice on overcoming such obstacles, and subjects that are changeable, unchangeable, and even ones we’re not aware of.

The Major and Minor Arcana

The standard Tarot deck has two types of cards, the Major and Minor Arcana:


These are independent cards with unique meanings, such as the Devil, the fool, death, temperance, and strength. They represent your life’s story, its milestones, and the phases of our journey through life and the passages we’ll all encounter. Often, they repeat themselves, which can be a reflection of undissolved issues.


These are similar to a deck of playing cards and are divided into four suits (Pentacles, Swords, Cups, Wands). Each suite includes the face cards, King, Queen, Knight, and Page, and numbered cards from 1 to 10. They reflect temperaments and attitudes, and their significance is determined upon the reader, the person receiving the reading, and the spread.

The minor Arcana is similar to another form of card reading known as cartomancy psychic reading. However, cartomancy is believed to be more generic and in line with providing the timeline of events, which is an exciting and alternative approach.

How To Ask A Question

As it`s a reading based on possibilities and not predictions, you shouldn`t ask direct questions; instead, approach it with a broader view. For example, a question like how can I make my work life less hectic is too direct; a better approach would be to ask, how can I find balance within my workday.

The idea of asking the reader a more focused question, is to enable them to provide a more concentrated reply. Also, don’t offer too much detail; the reader isn’t tuned into your future, nor can they provide you with the lottery results.

It’s all about what you want to get from the cards, the answers, or the alternatives you seek.

How The Tarot Makes Predictions

As mentioned in the introduction, predictions are subjective and are only meant to open your mind to optional possibilities.

When having a reading, you are known as the subject, and any predictions given are solely based on your questions and are therefore ultimately subjective. At no time would a reader dare tell you what they think your future holds.

The readings are only to give you any additional information that you might need to make a more informed decision. Use any predictions given as optional future paths you could take, but all choices are ultimately yours alone.

Does It Work?

The truth be told is only you can decide. I will say this, those who go to a Tarot reading seeking alternative possibilities and with an open mind often leave with positive alternative possibilities.

As I said at the beginning, it’s subjective, but then everything in life is. Remember this, if you have a reading, look for the good and the good you shall find.

Written by Monella

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