Film Review: What Happened to Monday

Imagine a dystopian world a few decades from now where overpopulation has caused starvation and consequently the implementation of laws that allow parents to only have one child. What Happened to Monday tackles just that.

The movie is primarily set in 2073, with flashbacks sprinkled throughout. A wealthy man becomes the father of septuplets in 2043 and he names them after the days of this week. He does this so that they may go outside on the day that corresponds with their name, because if the government knew that there was more than one child, the other six would be cryogenically frozen (at least that’s what the government says will happen).

The movie thusly follows the lives of the seven children as adults. They lead a massively successful business, but one day Monday goes missing (you guessed it! That’s where the film’s title comes into play). All seven women are given unique personalities and character traits, and they are all powerful and fun in their own regards.

The film is shot beautifully, which only adds to its appeal. As a viewer, you immediately feel emerged in the world the film strives – and succeeds – to establish. The technology used in the film is also intriguing and gives a taste of what our world could actually end up seeing in the not too distant future. One example of this is the computer screen that scans the women’s faces to examine them and tell the women what to do to blend in since the women are all supposed to look the same.

The movie is thrilling all the way through, but the ending takes it to a whole new level. Twists can sometimes ruin a story as they don’t always connect the best, but the twists at the end of What Happened to Monday make the entire film come together in a way that is nothing short of brilliant artistry. While some motives become clearer at the end, these women are fighting against their tyrannical government, and in this way this film acts as a new Hunger Games – and with amazing acting, plot, and directing, this story holds the mantle exceptionally well.

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Written by Preston Smith

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