What do the world’s winners have in common?

Everyone wants to be a winner, but what is the secret to success? Across various industries, there are many prizes to be won. From the Grammys to the Brits, to the Olympics to the Nobel Peace Prize! For some, winning takes years of dedication, training and hard work. Whereas for others, they are born to win or simply just lucky. Think back to Leonardo DiCaprio, he was nominated six times before he finally stole an Oscar at the 2016 awards…

But what traits do all the winners across the world have in common? Betway Insider has studied 236 21st century winners from TV and film, music and sports to theatre and literature and have revealed what the decorated individuals have in common in their study, Winning Personalities.

Winning age

The average age of a first-time winner is 32 years, whereas the most common period of life to win is actually your twenties. This is because the average age if you’re in the film and TV industry is 38 years old, music is 26 years and sport 23. That’s 15 years when comparing film and TV to sport!

The sporting industry tends to have the youngest winners because most pro-athletes careers are over by the time they reach their thirties and they usually reach their peak in their early twenties. Unless you’re Roger Federer who last year at the age of 35 became the oldest person to win Wimbledon. Or Oscar Swahn who is the oldest ever Olympian to take part at 72 years old when he competed in the 1920 Olympics…

Winning star sign

The most common star sign is Cancer. Which isn’t surprising if you believe in astrology as the zodiac sign Cancer is believed to have lucky stars. Leo is the winning star sign for film and TV and Aries for sport. Both signs are believed to be determined so perhaps they don’t need luck on their side.

Winning marital status

How does your marriage status affect your chances at winning? If you’re hoping for a Grammy or a Brit and are engaged, perhaps consider cancelling the wedding as most music winners aren’t married! However, if you have faith on average most winners are married with one child.

Winning day of birth

It’s good news if you were born on a Tuesday as this is the day most winners are born. Unless you’re competing in the next Olympics as most sport champions are born on a Saturday…

Winning education

Winners are also usually educated to degree level. So if you believe you can be the next Martin Luther King and receive the Nobel Peace Prize perhaps you should head to university first!

How closely do you match with the profile of various winning personalities? If you’re 32 or in your twenties, were born on a Tuesday, your star sign is cancer and you’re married with a child chances are you could become a winner very soon!

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