What diamond shapes work best for you

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friends. When choosing a demand, it can be a bit more complicated than you may have thought. Diamonds come in different shapes and colors. And this plays a huge role in whether it will complement the person wearing it.

In this article, we have taken the liberty to outline a few things you should know about “What Diamond Shapes Work Best for You.”

Hopefully, by the end of the article, we will have helped give you the knowledge that you need to choose the best diamond to match your personality.

What Diamond Shapes Work Best for You

The Ten Most Common Diamond Shapes

  • Round Diamond Shape
  • Princess Diamond Shape
  • Pear Shape
  • Cushion Shape
  • Heart Shape
  • Asscher Shape
  • Oval Diamond Shape
  • Emerald Shape
  • Marquise Shape
  • Radiant Shape

The Most Popular Diamond Cut Shape

The most popular od the diamond cut shapes listed above is the rounded diamond. There are even some estimates that show that around 3/4 of all diamond purchases pare the round diamond-shaped variation.

The reason, which is believed that many people purchase the round diamond, is because of how it reflects light off of its surface, thus giving it a more brilliant and captivating appearance.

There Are Other Diamond-Shaped Variations

There are dozens of more diamond-shaped variations out there. However, they are virtually unknown to those who are not in the know-how. These variations are custom made diamond-shaped jewelry that is kept exclusive for their owners.

Several examples of these rare and unique variations are:

  • The Jupiter Cut: Which has five sides
  • The Half Dutch Rose: Which has six sides
  • The Queen: which has eight sides
  • The Tulip
  • The Bullet
  • The Fan
  • and so many more

So Which Diamond-Shaped Variation Should You Purchase

For women who are shorter and thus have shorter fingers, the best ring hat would complement their size are the pear shape, oval shape, or the marquise.

For women that may be a bit taller or bigger, the best shape to compliment them would be the emerald or the marquise.

Now, the round shape is excellent for small and medium women; however, it is not the best option for a taller or bigger woman.

What Is The Occasion

It is also essential to know what is the occasion for the demand that the person will be wearing it for. Different shapes work best in different scenarios and events. Knowing this will also help you choose the right diamond for your lady.

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