What are the Typical Scammer’s Schemes in Online Dating?

Unfortunately, scammers are really smart people. They are continually working on creating new and new schemes if fooling people. Here are small examples of scams that are widely used by scammers.

  1. A girl sends you a letter in which she confesses her love and promises to have an “unforgettable” meeting with you. You are having a wild online romance; you already love her crazy, although you have never met before. But suddenly, your online companion has problems of some kind, starting with health, ending with human-related problems, and she asks you to help her with money, or she won’t be able to meet you so soon.  In a variation of this method of fraud, there may be an inconsolable daughter whose mother got sick.
  2. Various photos of students, teachers, doctors, and models are widely used by dishonest people. A man thinks that such a girl seems to be the most attractive and truthful. The most striking fact is that some men will unanimously answer that this was the best woman in their life, even if she robbed them.
  3. Other fraudsters may try to intimidate you by threating to tell your wife about the connection. If you want to avoid them from telling her, you will have to pay them a large amount of money. Wealthy but unhappily married men who spend time on dating sites often fall into such an extremely unpleasant situation.
  4. Your online lover accidentally appears to be in your city, and she has problems, and of course, there is no other place or person where or who can help her except for you. After the man decides that the foreign woman with whom he corresponded fits the role of wife, he decides to go to the country of the bride to meet with her. The girl recommends him to come via help from one of the travel agencies. Usually, those agencies offer very good conditions for the trip. But both the girl and the agency disappear as soon as they receive your money.
  5. The last but not least, a scam trick called “Nigerian letters.” This is a mailing list from dying millionaires. In their letters, they promise mountains of gold, but they will give it to you only after your help. The meaning of the scam is that the man agrees to temporarily accept money into his account.

Is there anything we can do against scammers?

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. In most cases, fighting online fraud is almost useless. Even if you go to a law enforcement agency, you are unlikely to achieve results. Contacting the administration responsible for hosting the sites will lead, at best, to blocking the resource, but even this is highly unlikely. To arrest a scammer, you must catch her or him red-handed when transferring money or goods. But this is extremely difficult since all operations are carried out mainly by mail and by bank transfer.

The IP address also not always can help. Because it is not always possible to find out the real IP address of a remote computer since it can either be dynamic and may change from time to time or internal and not be accessible for access via the Internet. Also scammers may use Internet cafes to communicate, etc.

But this doesn’t mean that you should be afraid and avoid dating women online. However, to avoid getting scammed, you must know two simple rules:

  1. There are “blacklists” of fraudsters on the Internet. For example,jump4love scams. Use it to learn more about scammers and check websites.
  2. If you feel that your feelings becoming too strong and real, then you may visit one of the detective agencies. Those agencies will easily track the girl. Thus, you will learn all her private data and have answers for all questions (regardless of what country she is in).

Written by Monella

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