What Are the Bad Side Effects of Botox?

Although Botox injection is in small doses, it may cause various harmful effects on your body. The effects vary depending on the type of exposure. This means that side effects differ depending on the person.

Botox injection should always be done by a doctor, even though the injection is for cosmetic purposes. The correct information is crucial in decision making. In this article, you will learn Botox’s side effects.

Things to do before the injection

  • Taking food with a lot of vitamin K helps to reduce the chance of swelling. Green leafy food will help to boost vitamin k in your body.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, non-steroid, and anti-inflammatory one week to the Botox and avoid food rich in vitamin E and fish oil supplements. This is because they will increase bruise and bleeding.
  • The injection should not be in an area where you have had other infections. Also, if you have a bladder infection, you should receive a Botox administration.
  • You should not get treated with Botox if you have an allergic reaction with botulinum toxin.
  • Ensure you inform the doctor if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon before the injection so they can advise you accordingly.
  • The injection effect is visible in three to five days of injection, but the final results may take weeks.

Things you should not do after the injection

  • Do not rub or perform a massage on the injected part. This is likely to result in the bacteria spreading to other areas and cause more side effects.
  • Avoid facial laser and electrical treatment two weeks after the injection.
  • You can proceed with your workout and regular routine immediately after the injection.

Common effects of Botox injection

A Common Cold-After Botox injection, most people will have a  common cold. In most cases, the common cold will go away in two days or at most in two weeks.

Fluid on the Eyelid tissues- This will occur after the injection, and the fluid will disappear in 15days. In case it takes longer than that, visit the doctor and explain.

Pain and swelling around the injected area. This is a common side effect. It will appear immediately or after a few days. Place a cold compression on the affected area as it will help to reduce the pain in the area. You can do this ten minutes after the injection.

Dry mouth after the injection, you can experience dry mouth; the good news is the dryness will go away after a few days, and it’s not a must to have the dry mouth. The effects are different for different people.

Droopy eyelid- this is another common effect of Botox injection. In most cases, the eyelid will get better in a few days, so you can choose to wait or ask your doctor to recommend a good eye drop to help with the droopy eyelid.

Drooling and a crooked smile can also happen after a Botox injection. In most cases, this will happen a week after the injection. The good news is when you follow the treatment, all that will heal in a week.

Severe side effects

If you experience trouble breathing or swallowing after Botox injection, contact the doctor immediately. This signifies that the injection has caused weakening of some muscles in your body and could be life-threatening.

Possible loss of bladder control- there is some common side effect related to the bladder. An example is where you keep feeling the urge to urinate and also feel like you are not employing the bladder completely. With this, you can use a catheter. But in a case when you lose total control of your bladder, contact the doctor immediately. It’s good to note Botox injection can cause urinary tract infection, which will go away after a few days.

When your vision changes and your eyes become more sensitive to light, you should contact the doctor as you may require eye drops or any other protective gear to your eyes. After that, the effects will disappear in a week.

After a Botox injection, your voice might undergo a series of changes. You may experience a breathy voice. In most cases, these side effects should disappear in a few days if this doesn’t happen to visit the doctor to give you medications.

Never take a chance when it comes to Botox injection. It’s a simple procedure, but things can turn sour. Make sure you have the best team on your side. That way, you are sure all will go well. Look for a team that has a good history when it comes to Botox. An example is RevitalizeYou MD Botox services.


If you experience an allergic reaction after a Botox injection, get emergency medical care as you might be allergic to the injection, and this may cause life-threatening symptoms.  In case you are allergic to the injection, you can try other antiaging solutions.

When the bacterias in the injection spread to other parts of the body, they can cause a severe reaction. Be keen on the side effects you get, and in case you experience severe symptoms, contact the doctor, especially on parts that didn’t receive the injection.

Written by Monella

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