Is The WetBrush Worth The Hype

Here at Fuzzable, we love putting our favorite influencers health and beauty must-haves through vigorous testing. From skin care to hair dye, eyelashes to brow tints we’ve tried them all with you – our readers as the heart of our investigations. Today is no different as we review The Original WetBrush for you.

What is a WetBrush?

WetBrush themselves claim “For centuries, people have been tearing their hair out trying to find a better way to untangle it. But whether they brushed, picked, or combed it, they continued to snag and break their hair, making children cry and adults cry and curse. Then we invented the miraculous Wet Brush. With its unique IntelliFlex™ bristles, the Wet Brush runs effortlessly through hair, detangling without pulling or tugging. There’s no pain, no tears–whether the hair is wet from the shower or dry; curly or straight; thick or fine. Finally, the tears (and curses) stopped.”

The brushes cost from £3.99 for the mini keychain sized brush. The brand has released a variety of the brushes, from the key chains to pop up travel brushes, blow dry brushes and the original brush in a variety of colors and patterns.


The Test Subjects.

We decided that it would be the best to try this brush on the two most problematic hairs we know.

Head of hair one is my own, I have overdyed and half of my hair is bleached. So in a nutshell, hair that is a bit crazy when wet. With my current hairbrush, I am prone to breakage especially after it’s been washed.

Head of hair two is the hardest and most trying of hairs ever. My niece- who is five. She has long and fine hair, and if you say the word ‘hairbrush’ within a 5-mile radius of her she shrieks and hides. It is a battle to do her hair when dry, so when wet things get even worse. If a WetBrush can combat her hair, and her complaints are even halved this is a miracle brush.

Head One – Dry Brushing.

My mid-afternoon hair brushing is always a tough one. With the sun as strong as it has been, my hair has dried out even more and my current hair brush always ends up with something resembling a hampster in the bristles. My hair has got dry shampoo in, so is a little more texturized and crazy than usual.

The WetBrush glided through my hair with ease. I found no pulling at all, which I was majorly shocked at. All knots and tangles were gone within a minute of brushing. When I looked for my hampster of hair I was again shocked. I could have counted on two hands the hairs in the brush.

(As you can see, no hampsters today)

Head One – Wet Hair.

After a shower, where I shampooed and conditioned my hair, I figured it was time to test this brush. I revert back into a 5-year-old myself when brushing my hair usually.

This time when brushing, I was shocked. No pulling, no tears, no words shouted that my mum always tells me off for using. My hair felt salon smooth. The ease was unreal. It took a fraction of the time and yet my hair felt softer and the easiest to manage ever. I used the brush whilst blow drying my hair too, the brush took the heat like a pro, unlike some brushes where the bristles bend and miss shape whilst having the heat on them.

Head Two – Dry Hair

After convincing my niece that this new hair brush is magic and makes it so it doesn’t hurt she was convinced enough to let me do her hair. I may have bribed her with a trip to the park, but alas she sat down for her hair to be brushed and put up.

The process took exactly 1 minute 12 seconds, compared to a usual 30 mins plus. My niece grabbed the brush once I was finished and hugged it, and proclaimed she can now be Rapunzel because she now loves her hair being brushed. It was the easiest thing ever to do her hair. To the extent, I actually am not worried about doing her hair every morning when she goes back to school.

Head Two – Wet Hair.

The biggest test is this one. To do a 5-year-olds hair just out of the bath. She only uses shampoo, so no conditioning agent used. Usually, this is the very worst thing ever to do. She hates it that much she has tried to walk out the door in just her towel to her granddads to avoid having her hair brushed.

She was more confident then me with this test she claimed “It will be easy Nik Nak if you use the princess brush. It’s magic so can’t hurt my head’. So we tried. As if by some form of WetBrush wizardry, her hair was brushed in seconds. It got every tangle out so gently but thoroughly and left the small persons hair looking and feeling baby soft. She was so impressed with it and has claimed my travel pop up WetBrush as her own from now.


Final Thoughts.

The WetBrush isn’t just a style statement. It genuinely is the very best thing. It’s been able to take on both my damaged and dried hair and hair of a 5-year-old diva and win. This isn’t a gimmick it’s a solution to the problem we’ve faced forever. The only negative is that now I have to brush my niece’s hair 6 or 7 times a day, she’s a little obsessed with it.

Shop the full range of WetBrush now at CultBeauty, and have your hair game changed forever.



Written by Niki

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