Weekly Hits: February 18-24, 2019!

Welcome back to our Weekly Hits playlist, where today we are discussing some of our favorite recent music! We’re far enough into the year to see artists really owning and honing their craft, which results in treats for our ears. Below are some of our favorite songs of the year so far!

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Like last week, we’re continuing to open the playlist with MARINA’s “Handmade Heaven.” That does not mean everything is the same, though. The first new song on the playlist is “Fire” by Sara Bareilles. This track is beautiful and passionate, and it will bury you in your feelings in the absolute best way.

From there we have “Last Hurrah” by Bebe Rexha and “365” by Zedd and Katy Perry. The former is a triumphant song of self-worth and appreciation, while the latter sees Perry sliding across Zedd’s highly-addictive beats. Needless to say, we are obsessed with both of these songs!

Next, we have “More Than That” by Lauren Jauregui. This song comes after her first powerhouse single as a solo artist, “Expectations,” and proves that Lauren is more than a one trick pony. This song is emotionally beautiful and allows her to properly shine.

Speaking of highly emotional and beautiful songs, we also have Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” on the playlist this week. Coming from her forthcoming album of the same name, this track sees Lizzo’s voice like never before. It’s raw and wondrous.

Finally, we have “Doing It” by Charli XCX and Rita Ora and “Dumb Blonde” by Avril Lavigne and Nicki Minaj. The former is a track from Charli’s first album in 2013, but we’ve been obsessing over it all again. The latter is a new release that furthers Lavigne’s comeback to music and further extends the list of artists with whom Minaj has collaborated. Both are catchy as all get out!

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Written by Preston Smith

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