Wearing a Watch With Style: The Top Tips for Styling a Men’s Watch

Did you just buy a new watch? Wondering how to wear it with style? Check out this guide to learn the top tips for styling a men’s watch

Yes, women actually notice your watch. It’s one of the things that they’re using to size up whether you’ve got style. 

It’s not as important how much money you spent on the watch on your wrist. They want to know if you know how to style it.

Styling a men’s watch can be easy if you know a few simple tricks. Don’t let your watch be the reason a woman decides not to say hi.

Men’s Watch Styling Tips: It’s Time

Wearing watches is on the rise. If your wrist is bare, then you’re not with the times. And once you get that men’s watch, you’re going to need to know how to style it.

Think About the Whole Effect

You can’t just slap a watch on your wrist and think you’re good to go. Use your watch to complement the other accessories in your outfit. For example, if your ring is silver, a silver watch band works well with it.

Minimal Is Better

When you’re dressing up, the dress code can be a little tricky. Think the simpler the better.

Don’t flash around a super gaudy watch just because you’re going to a special occasion. A sophisticated and simple watch will pair well with your more fancy clothes, so it doesn’t look like you’re trying much too hard.

It Can Be Too Big

Yes, bigger isn’t always better. If you wear a watch face that’s too big for your wrist, it’s a dead giveaway that you don’t know how to style a watch.

Most retailers will give you measurements for what works well with your body. Pay attention to them, or suffer the consequences later. 

The Right Sleeves

The length of your sleeves matters. If your sleeves are too short, your watch is going to stand out more than you’d like and scream: hey, I’m wearing a watch.

Your sleeves should cover about 85 percent of your watch when you have your arm held out straight. When you bend your arm, that’s the time for your watch to shine.

Under, Not Over

Speaking of not having your watch show too obviously, never wear your watch over your sleeve.

You can wear a watch with a short-sleeved t-shirt, but make sure the watch is more casual to match your more casual style.

If you’re still waiting to actually get that watch that you’ve been dreaming about, see more here. Time is running out for you to finally get in style.

Watch It: Style Is Important

Now you’re all set on how to style a men’s watch. But just because you know how to do that, doesn’t mean you’re all set on your other style.

If you know how to style a watch, you’re in good shape. Don’t ignore the other grooming habits and style cues you need to be paying attention to, though.

A watch can go a long way when it comes to upping your style. When you’ve got it all together, you’ll look and feel great.

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