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Getting the best highlighter out of your make-up is totally key. Who wants to wear heavy, dull or shiny products on a daily basis? We know we don’t! That’s why we are sharing some old and some new tips, as well as some very exciting brands who have brought out great ideas.

So firstly, hit the below link and take a look at this. L’Oréal has recently added a new highlighter to their collection. This, we can tell you is just amazing based on the reviews from the L’Oréal website:

‘Works really well over a tinted moisturiser or just moisturiser for that natural summer glow ! It may look shimmery but it doesn’t make your face look like a glitter bomb’

‘Can be used on it’s own or mixed in with your foundation for a less obvious coverage. Lasted throughout the day. Good colour.’


The two below links are another gem: a powder highlighter which leaves the cheekbones with a flawless finis. I even add a tiny bit of this to each temple which brightens up your skin like no other; it leaves skin feeling soft and silky, not sticky like some liquid highlighters. We highly recommend!!



Also, a new favourite of ours is Obsession. They have brought out a new way to pick your eye shadow colours and pallets. They include highlighters for your eyes and the added colour for the finished look. You can create your own eye shadow pallet, choose 6 or more colours and get the pallet which holds up to 6 colours for free. (Promotion on now….see below link)

Brow duos, highlighters and various colours – light and dark – are included in the mix. So, ladies, what could be better than getting to choose the right colours for your skin tone, as we find there’s always those two or three colours which are left in the pallet that we just throw away as we know we will never use. Now you don’t have to!


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