Wattpad Sensation ‘Cupid’s Match’ Joins CW Seed For Debut Episode

‘Cupid’s Match’ Pilot episode aired in the US, 14 Feb. 2018.

‘Cupid’s Match’ Pilot episode aired worldwide, 21 Feb. 2018.

Written by Wattpad writer, Lauren Palphreyman, Cupid’s Match became successfully popular in 2017, receiving over 35 million reads online.

Cupid’s Match follows 17-year-old high school student, Lila Black, who finds herself entranced in a Supernatural world, when she finds out her match is the one and only, Cupid. Cupid and his brother Cal take Lila on a rollercoaster of romance, adventure and betrayal – when Cupid causes havoc in Lila’s world by falling in love with her, vice versa.

The 8 minute episode aired worldwide Wednesday, Feb 21st, 2018 – giving us a glimpse at Jack’s new-found obsession for student Laura after being hit by one of three arrows, Cal introduces Lila to a Sim; where he explains the consequences of Cupid and herself being matched, Cupid makes his debut appearance at school; causing a lot of making-out and couples arguing, and lastly, Cupid and Lila meet.

Staying true to CW, the episode introduced us to a handful of gorgeous men; Dane Oliver (Cal), Robert Palmer Watkins (Cupid), Dominic Goodman (Jack) and David Mena (James) and three stunning women; Bee Avila (Crystal), Karen Obilom (Charlie) and Michel Janse (Lila) – we would’t mind being matched with these guys!

The continuation of CW Seed’s new show ‘Cupid’s Match’ is down to you guys. If the show shows a great amount of success, this will mean for more episodes and longer episodes, so tell your friends and your family about this one, as it will fill the Supernatural void that fills our hearts!

Watch the debut episode of ‘Cupid’s Match‘ on YouTube.

Read ‘Cupid’s Match’ on Wattpad here.

Or if you’re more of a listener, than a reader, purchase the audio book here.

Congratulations, Lauren! We have our fingers crossed for many more episodes to come.

Have you read ‘Cupid’s Match’ by Lauren Palphreyman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us over at @Fuzzable!

Have you watched the CW Seed debut episode of ‘Cupid’s Match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us over at @Fuzzable!

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