Want to look like Millie Bobby Brown? We’ve got you covered

With more than 30 million Instagram followers and a lead spot on one of Netflix’s most successful original series of all time, Millie Bobby Brown is nothing short of an icon.

The 16-year-old starlet entered our lives with her iconic curly hair back in 2013, and it was pretty clear that she’d be sticking around. Since then, we’ve seen her in Modern Family, Godzilla, and she’ll soon appear in Godzilla v Kong and Enola Homles, cementing her position as one of the most exciting fresh-faced talents in the United States. And her fashion’s great, too!

If you want to take a leaf out of Millie Bobby Brown’s book, fear not. We’ve rounded up some top tips on taking inspiration from her enviable fashion sense. From premieres to chill days at home, we’ve scoured through the archives and put together everything you need to know.


Buy her eyewear

Though we often turn to fashion designers to identify key pieces from celebrity photoshoots, we don’t have to go too far for this one. After launching a series of vegan cosmetics in 2019, she’s now unveiling Millie Bobby Brown glasses by Vogue. With four models to choose from, and three shapes of frame for vision correction, we think you’ll love this new eyewear; it not only encapsulates everything we love about MBB but offers both retro and modern designs.


Don’t stick to one hair color

Something else we love about Milly is her ability to morph from one hair color and style to the next with seemingly no challenge. Whether it’s her tight curls, long, blonde extensions, or cute brown bob, Bobby Brown knows that hair can make a huge difference to the way you look.

So use her style as major inspo when you’re next visiting the salon – shake up your style and experiment with new colors, shapes, and finishes to reimagine your appearance.


Keep it casual with footwear

Whether she’s rocking a pair of Sam Edelman Yaro ankle strap handle heels, UGG lane slippers, or even some Dr. Martens, MBB isn’t afraid of keeping it casual.

Of course, that’s not to say she hasn’t sported a high heel from time to time, but as a young, independent woman, she’s confident and content wearing shoes that fit great and offer the comfort she needs. Oh, and if you want to follow suit, remember that she’s already collaborated with Converse to bring fans a line of sneakers, including 10 color and pattern combos inspired by oceans and whales. These shoes aren’t compatible with every outfit, but they look great.


Be yourself



One thing that Milly can teach us all is that we need to be ourselves.

As a 16-year-old in today’s social media-obsessed climate, MBB hasn’t bowed to peer pressure to look or dress a certain way. She knows who she is, and she uses fashion and makeup to show off her personality. If you only take away one thing from this article, let it be that. You can dress like X celebrity or Y celebrity every day, but you really should find your own style and rock it!


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