VT Cosmetics and BTS collaborate for a new perfume range “L’Atelier des Subtils”

After releasing a series of photos of members of BTS on social media, VT Cosmetics has finally unveiled their highly anticipated perfume range. The limited edition range has been created in collaboration with the famous cosmetic and fragrance designer Frederic Burtin.

If you don’t know who BTS are, well, they are a South Korean group who have taken the world by storm. Known for their polemical songs and socially conscious personalities, the septet have cemented their position as the global superstars in the music industry. Comprising of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook, BTS debuted in the year 2013. This year, the group released their new mini-album which went onto break some massive records and they became the first group since The Beatles to earn three number ones within a single year.

Released via a video, the perfume range titled “L’Atelier des Subtils” comes with seven new fragrances. As seen in the video, each fragrance is unique to seven members of the South Korean group, showcasing their individual “character and sensibilities”.

With RM exemplifying intellect, Jin adorning serenity, J-Hope showcasing his vivacity, Suga symbolizing growth, Jimin depicting warmth, JK exuding summery vibes, and V emanating a mystic charm, the promotional video brilliantly showcases individual traits for the septet. As stated by Burtin, “the perfume expresses who you are and not what you should be”.

Below is the list for the fragrances and the members they represent:

Eau De Coton (Jin)

“warm floral fragrance of fine dry fiber”

Eau De Vert (Suga)

“natural pungent freshness”

Eau De Citrus (J-Hope)

“sweet and fruity fragrance, conveying joy and hope”

Eau De Bois (RM)

“smart and luxurious fragrance with the woody scent”

Eau De Poudre (Jimin)

“comfortable and powdery feeling with a sweetness of Vanilla base”

Eau De Musk (V)

“profound atmosphere expressed through musky, woody, and floral notes”

Eau De Ocean (Jungkook)

“trail of cheerful freshness added to the enchanting summer scent”

In a video released by VT Cosmetics, Burtin talked about the collaboration and said,

“I know the VT X BTS cosmetic collection was a big success. With this encounter, I felt the desire to create a collection of seven perfumes with VT Cosmetics. The collection L’Atelier des Subtils was created with BTS’ own characters and sensibilities”.

BTS are exclusive models for VT Cosmetics. Earlier, they collaborated with the brand to release their makeup collection which garnered huge attention, including that of Burtin. The new range aims to offer an exquisite sensorial experience to the users while at the same time, helping them understand a bit more about the septet.

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