Visa vs. Mastercard: Which One Should You Pick?

Both Visa & Mastercard provide similar services, but what’s the difference? Learn about Visa vs Mastercard to know which payment network is the best option.

Ever since the credit cards were accepted as a mode of payment, a lot has changed in the specific timeline. Credit card use has gained a lot of popularity around the world. It’s mainly because of its flexibility that people prefer it to hard cash.

A lot of competitors per se does not flood the market. Two of the most common players, however, catch a lot of our attention. The Visa vs MasterCard debate usually sparks a lot of reaction as people fail to agree, which is better.

The two companies are the major players as per the number of clients they have. Both of these companies, though don’t issue the credit cards. Banks issue them on their behalf.

Their primary role is the backend processing of payment between the banks. A bank also plays a significant role in what option you will eventually choose. This is because they moderate the rates charged; hence, different banks offer different value for money.

As much as people find it hard to choose what to use, it’s also suitable for your knowledge to understand they pretty much perform their duties with a lot of similarities.

What To Consider Before Decision Making

For you to decide the better option between these two large companies, you will have to focus on the differences instead of similarities. Visa is, however, more significant of the two companies almost controlling half of the worlds share market.

We will highlight different reasons below that will try to ease your choice process;

1. Method Of Payment

Means of payment will always play a significant role in deciding which credit you will use. Both master card and visa similarly process their transactions.

Both MasterCard and Visa have a similar processing time measured in transactions per second. They both perform 1700 transactions per second. When a stress test is done to know the maximum number of operations they can perform before giving in, they both come in at 56,000.

It is hard to entirely base your decision on the payment process because of how close the two companies perform against each other.

2. Acceptance Of The Card

Both Visa and MasterCard have widely accepted credit cards all around the world. It’s not surprising, however, to find companies and business that don’t allow either. It might be for business reasons or in some other cases because one of the companies has not fully gained ground in the area.

Acceptance issues can also be brought about by the competitive nature of the two major credit card companies. A perfect example would be one can’t use either of the cards once they are at a venue that the other has sponsored. This has brought about a heated debate on what a customer will do in case of an emergency.

It is essential to communicate with banking services provider to know the various business your credit card will be accepted or rejected. It facilitates better decision making on which platform you would instead use.

Some cases of acceptance are due to geographical reasons. There are some countries or places that these two companies outdo the other. It is for this reason you might find one of them is more prominent than the other.

Should this case arise, it would be difficult for you to access the services of the less known credit provider. When deciding which one to pick, go for the most convenient, and this means the one with the highest acceptance rate for you.

It’s advisable to have both of them while preempting to travel, especially out of the country.

3. Visa Vs MasterCard Swipe Charges

Swipe charges play an essential determinant role on which card chooses. The swipe fees are as a result of the money your bank service provider takes from you every time you do a transaction. It’s usually a percentage of the cost.

In most situations, the money charged depends on the amount used. Large transactions translate to higher charges.

Do a background check with your bank to know the different swipe fees you’ll incur while using MasterCard or visa. Go for the one that will give you more value for your money or in other words that has the least swipe charges.

4. Card Security

One of the reasons as to why credit and debit cards were introduced was to avoid the need of carrying cash hence ensuring your money is secure. It has, however, proved a significant challenge in protecting user information as well as their money. The most significant security risk is the new wave of digital criminals looking for the slightest opportunity to strike.

To make their systems secure. Both companies have had to come up with better ways to protect their clients. Both companies have therefore decided to come up with more robust and extra security features. This makes it difficult for people impersonating you to gain access to your account.

Features like asking your credentials again after a period of being inactive have come in handy to protect you against potential criminals.

Do not put your credit card information on websites that are not verified while purchasing things online. This is where digital fraudsters tend to get your details and later use it to commit the crime.

Basing your decision on security alone will be hard because both companies have made strides to make sure your card is secure. To know the best secured credit card between the two is a hefty task.

5. Issuers Of The Card

It’s essential to know your card issuer well before taking a card. It’s because different card providers work differently across the two companies.

Some banks offer more than one card, while others strictly focus on issuing one. It’s therefore critical for you to base your choice to the one that will best fit your need.

Making The Choice

Visa vs MasterCard debate doesn’t look like ending anytime soon because of how intense their competition is. The positive thing about this battle of the giants, though, is that their competition tends to get the best out of them.

Whichever your final decision might be, it’s evident that both of these financial service providers strive to produce best results for their clients.

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