Our views on James Charles coming to the UK

If you are unaware of the events that took place at Birmingham’s Bullring centre over the weekend, then let us bring you up to speed. American YouTube royalty James Charles flew from LA to the UK to open the new Morphe store, held a meet and greet and 2000 fans showed up.

James is an insanely popular and talented beauty guru, with over 15 million subscribers of all ages, genders and nationalities so it should have been anticipated that James coming to a country he has not visited yet would be a little crazy, but alas the British media are portraying the 19 year old in a negative light as he is a YouTuber. And it’s all over a spot of traffic in the town centre.

Understandably a few news outlets were not aware of who James is and why he is so popular, LBC the radio station was lucky enough to have James call in and explain a little about himself after he’d heard them asking about him in his Uber.

Other outlets called the star unknown, despite having 15 million followers and his videos gain up to 25 million views each compared to the UK’s most watched show of 2018 BBC’s The Body Guard which at peak received 17 million watchers.


The most shocking media outburst came from ITV news anchor Sameena Ali- Khan in the video below.

In media, there is no place for sexism or homophobia, and her remarks made us feel a little angry. We can’t help but feel this outdated viewpoint of ‘men can’t wear or do makeup’ is insanity, as James Charles clearly has a talent in the art form. In actual fact, men are increasingly becoming artists not just on social media or YouTube but in many other forms of media, makeup artists are employed upon skill not gender for movies, TV shows and ad campaigns. One of the worlds most recognised makeup artists is Mario Dedivanovic  – Kim Kardashian’s artist.

This is not the first time mainstream media have been negative towards YouTubers, as Jack Maynard has penalised during his 3 day stint during 2017’s I’m a Celebrity. His treatment has been seen as unfair as he was removed from the jungle due to media backlash over historical tweets, however it was shown that he was not alone in tweeting badly, other stars in the jungle were proven with a not so clean social media history, but when brought to the media attention they were dismissed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Fuzzable rant and view of the news. We would like to clarify, we are and continue to be huge supporters of James Charles, and we celebrate all makeup artists.

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Written by Niki

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