Victoria Aveyard Announces Fourth RED QUEEN Book, Details

The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard is one of the most adored YA books of this century. Filled with magical powers, elitism and cute guys, Aveyard has managed to create a universe that is unique and utterly captivating.

And this is why her book reveal is a chaotic moment for book fans. On September 12, she announced the release of the series fourth (and final) installment. The highly anticipated date: May 15, 2018.

And although she didn’t reveal the book’s official title on the same day, she did, however, let us know when it was happening.

But after some waiting (so much waiting), Aveyard, along with Epic Reads, released the title of the book.

We present to you:


And although there is quite a bit of time before we can get our hands on a copy of the final installment of the series, we’re still very excited to see how this universe will come to a close.

You could take this time to:

  • Reread the whole series.
  • Think of actors who would fit these roles perfectly.
  • Draw some fanart.
  • Debate how it’ll end with your peers.
  • Cry

And although this is the end of the series, we’re pretty sure the ending will be great. It’ll definitely be worth waiting for.

So here’s to waiting it out, friends!

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