Vertigo launches “Song Stories”

For many people, music equals therapy. We come across songs that are so relatable that they define some of the best and worst moments of our lives. If tomorrow, you had to share a video on your life with your best friend, you are most likely to support it with the kind of background music that would make it “fun to watch” and “memorable” for the viewers.

Vertigo Launches a New Feature – Song Stories

Social App Vertigo has recently announced a new feature that would help its users share their life with music and turn it into a fun collaborative multimedia experience. “Song Stories”, a new feature by Vertigo allows the users to create a visual story and mix it with their favorite songs.

Vertigo users take photos and videos while listening to music. They link their visual status with the songs they are playing. Followers on the app can see and like those visual updates in their feed, and everyone can see the most popular posts in Trending.

The “stories” feature is available on both Facebook and Instagram so, the first question would be – how is “Song Stories” different from the available options in the market?

What Makes Song Stories Different?

We consume music on regular basis not just through an artist’s direct channels but also through fan-made videos, social media platforms, mini-videos that have background music from different artists and various other sources. But unfortunately, not every view or a listen amounts to benefit for the artist. Many times, she/he doesn’t even get the profit she/he deserve.  With “Song Stories”, the music comes directly from platforms like Spotify so, every time, a story is viewed, a stream for the artist is counted on those music streaming platforms.

“When a song plays on the radio, it’s potentially heard by one million people but the rightsholders are only paid for that one play. With Vertigo, that’s one million paid streams,” says Phoenix Stone, a longtime music insider and Vertigo’s new Global Head of Creator Services.

With popular posts, the result is an ever-evolving video made up of the most liked content associated with the song, which simultaneously provides maximum financial benefit for music makers and rights holders.

“Song Stories solves a key social media challenge facing the music industry,” says Vertigo CEO Greg Leekley. “While today’s picture and video sharing offer consumers with shorter and shorter attention span a fun lean-forward social experience, music must settle for being the background for mere seconds. That doesn’t help the artists’ music chart or get artists paid. It’s ironic that music artists remain the most popular figures in social media, while the songs that connect us to them are not getting any meaningful direct benefit. With Song Stories, artists get that benefit.”

It seems like Vertigo has been able to create a mixture that will provide a win-win situation for both the users as well as the artists. This app showcases a potential of changing the future of music marketing and monetization. It will be interesting how good an experience the app will be able to provide to its subscribers.

You can more about the app and the feature here. You can also download the app on App Store.

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