Valentine’s Day On A Budget!

If you take a walk down the high street you’ll notice every store is filled with all things pink and red, love hearts and are offering many ways to treat that special someone in your life! Cupid’s time to shine is nearly upon us… Valentine’s Day is coming our way!!

However this celebration can be over commercialized, with the expectation that the day has to be extravagant and highly expensive. In a time where money is tight, this added pressure helps no ones financial situation. However, your budget does not have to be blown in order to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

We here at Fuzzable have devised a list of our top five budget-friendly ways to celebrate the season of love…

1. Host a Picnic

Picture this… you and your partner curled up on a warm blanket, listening to your favourite songs, surrounded by candles and your favourite snack foods! It sounds perfect right? This is an incredibly romantic way to spend the day and can easily be achieved on a short budget. If the weather allows it you could also take your picnic outdoors and spend the evening dining under the stars!

2. A Movie Night

This is fail safe classic budget friendly date night option, which you both will enjoy! Snuggle up in bed with your partner by your side and spend the night watching each others favoruite movies, basking in one anothers company. Maybe even set up some popcorn and nibbles or say cheers with a cheeky glass of wine.

3. Cook A Meal

This option is perfect for all the foodies out there! A valentine’s meal does not have to be an expensive restaurant three course meal; in fact, it can be cheaper to create it yourself! Hop on down to your local store and pick up the ingredients needed to cook your partner’s favourite meal and surprise them on the night by serving it up homemade style. Set the table with a few candles and enjoy a tasty romantic night in.

4. Chocolate Dipping Snacks

Would it really be Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Of course not! Pick up your favourite chocolate and some dipping items: fruit, doughnuts or marshmallows. Melt down your chocolate and spend the night munching away on your favourite chocolate covered snacks together – you could even lick the bowl?

5. Photo Album Making

Using cheap apps such as Free Prints, gather a collection of photos you and your partner have taken together. Dig out all of your college arts and craft items and spend the night making an album together. Reminisce with each photograph and tell the beautiful stories behind each one for an unforgettable night.

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Written by Amy Carr

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