Using CBD Dog Treats for Your Dog’s Wellness

From time to time depending on your schedule, you usually would make out time to indulge yourself, you know, spoil yourself a little. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something extravagant or something too wonderful. Just that taking yourself to a corner during your break time, after working hours or even on your free days to buy that favorite drink of yours or prepare your favorite meal. We generally categorize this as giving yourself a treat.

Do you do the same for your pets? Your pets definitely deserve a piece of the good time just that what amounts to a treat for you might not be the same for them. Therefore, you should ensure that what you give them is good and healthy for them. An example of the perfect and healthy treat for them is the CBD dog treat.

What Is CBD?

It is a cannabinoid and it is one of the components that make up the cannabis plant. It is also known as cannabidiol, you can read more about it here. As a cannabinoid, it is able to blend in and interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in the body of all mammals and in so doing, is able to have various positive effects on the body.

It is needful to point out that humans are mammals, so are dogs, cat and some other animals. This means that cannabidiol has a positive effect on all mammals as it concerns their health status.

Another point to make is that though there are many other components that make up the cannabis plant, the two prominent ones are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The major difference between the two is that while cannabidiol is not psychoactive THC is. Psychoactive here is what is referred to in common parlance as getting high. On the contrary, cannabidiol has been proven to have various health benefits to all mammals this is why it is a “thing” now.


What Are The Health Benefits of CBD To Dogs?

Having already stated that cannabidiol has various health benefits to all mammals and in particular to dogs in the instant case, the question would be; what are those health benefits that they portend for your pet? The following are some of the more established health benefits of CBD:

It Helps To Relieve Pain

Your dog might suffer from certain injuries that may or may not be visible to you. CBD is one medication option that you need to give to it to handle whatever pain it is feeling because it has been proven to be a very effective pain reliever.

In most of the instances that it has been used, it has proven to be more effective than most analgesics that you can get. It is also highly recommended for aging canines especially those affected by the health challenges associated with their age, these treats can actually help them.

It Is An Appetite Booster

Dogs generally should have a healthy appetite as this is a sign of good health. If the reverse becomes the case, then there most definitely is a problem. Also, it should be noted that a good diet is critical for their overall good health thus, it is important that they feed well.

Where their feeding becomes a challenge due to a lack of appetite, cannabidiol is able to help with that as it is a natural appetite booster. It also helps the body to fight off nausea. Though Cannabidiol may help boost their appetite, it shouldn’t make you not to visit a veterinary doctor as the lack of appetite might just be a symptom and not the root cause of the health condition.

Helps Dogs With Anxiety Challenges 

Lots of pets especially aging canines suffer from anxiety challenges or disorders. This anxiety disorder might be as a result of separation from owner or the original family, it might also be as a result of its inability to function like it used to due to health challenges like arthritis, gradual loss of hearing or eye sight etc. The point is that it results in anxious reactions from your pet.

CBD has also proven to be effective in helping to manage these conditions in pets as it is able to calm their anxiety and reduce their stress levels. Signs that your dog might be having these issues is if it has started getting erratic unnecessarily or increasingly panicky.

Helps With Indigestion 

Lots of pets might experience indigestion at one point or the other in their lives and the reasons why those occur may vary. However, what is certain is that cannabidiol helps with indigestion in these pets. It can also regulate their body metabolism thereby improving their body’s general digestive abilities. You can read more on the other benefits of cannabidiol on dogs at

How Should CBD Be Administered To Dogs


There is no particular prescribed dosage for cannabidiol medication rather, the advice is that they should be administered under the guidance or recommendation of a veterinary doctor. As a matter of fact, when your pet is sick, the right place to bring it is before a veterinary doctor for proper diagnosis.

Having said this, you can use this safe method to calculate the dosage to give it depending on the health condition. For a regular dose, you can calculate one-quarter of a milligram for each pound of your pet’s weight while for a strong dose, you can administer half a milligram per pound of the body weight.

How To Get The Best CBD Dog Treat

The following are guidelines to follow when about to make a purchase:

  1. Only buy organic products
  2. Do not be discouraged because of the costs of the product as costs in the market for CBD basically is an indicator of quality
  3. Ensure that you get a proper analyses of the products composition


It is our responsibility as pet owners to take good care of our pets. To do this, one has to be aware of the various treatment options that can be resorted to.

CBD is the current trending wellness medication that has captured hearts and minds. The cannabidiol treats is one option that has proven very successful in relieving our canine pets from their health conditions. It is worth giving a try.

Written by Monella

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