University: Top Tips To Know When Applying

University is one of the most exciting, yet daunting things that you have to think about during your life.

While you may think you know everything after countless talks with your school, this is a reminder on what to know when making that important application.

Choose Your Course Wisely

What course you choose to study is one of the biggest thing to think about before applying. After all, you are spending a long time studying this topic, whilst paying a lot of money to do so. Think about what you enjoy and what subjects interest you. If you can’t decide on one, joint degrees are available to study so you don’t need to worry.

Remember, while a job is important, don’t just pick a course because there are lots of jobs in that area. A genuine passion for a subject will help you succeed and find a career you love.

Research Your Choices

The  teaching of your chosen Uni is a major factor to take into consideration. With the amount of money that you have to pay just to go to University, you need to know that the teaching quality is worth it. UniStats is incredibly useful in helping to decide if where you are thinking of applying to is going to be beneficial to you. You can check what previous students have said about the content, teaching and course feedback. It also allows you to compare between Universities to see which is the better institution.

It is also important to see what the accommodation is like if you are planning on living away from home. Open Days are the best chance for you to see what types of accommodation are available and have time to look around the Uni itself.

Be Interview Ready

Not everyone will have to be interviewed but be ready in case you are asked to attend one.

Preparation is key for this. Think of a few questions that you would like answered by your potential lecturers, such as ‘What opportunities can you give me while studying here?‘. Questions help the course leaders understand your interest in the subject and allow you to establish what chances you have at their institution.

It may be necessary to bring along relevant work if you have applied to a creative course, so create a file of your best work, showing the progress you have made. This can allow your future teachers get to know your style and see a bit more of what you are capable of.

Look At Finance Options

This is what all students dread to think about but you really do need to know about it.

University is expensive, like really expensive, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to go. There are plenty of opportunities and ways to get help in order to go to university. Student Finance enables you to have a loan each term/semester to help you get by while in uni. Many universities also give bursaries/scholarships to students to encourage them to go to their institution. Whatever your circumstance, you will be able to go to University!

Get Yourself Prepared For Rejection

This is a bit of a downer in the top tips, but you need to prepare for the worst. If you don’t receive any offers, or results day comes and you haven’t gotten in, don’t panic. UCAS has many ways to ensure you get a place at University.

UCAS Extra is a service that allows you to apply to additional universities if you don’t receive all your offers back. In addition, Clearing is opened on results day to find spaces on a course similar to the one you originally applied for. Either way, UCAS will support you through the process of getting your place in uni!

Hopefully these tips have got you thinking and guide you in the right direction when applying to university.

All of the Fuzzable team wish you the best of luck with your applications. We hope that the odds are ever in your favour!

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