Unicorn Lashes – Magical or Godawful.

 If your an avid Fuzzable fan, you will of seen we’ve been on a mission to find our perfect pair of eyelashes.. The lashes we’ve been yearning for having to be affordable, fluttery, whispy, suitable for Today and night, cruelty-free, a thin lash band but not flimsy and reusable. We’ve tried a few pairs, and some have been close to perfect, but we’ve been yet to find that pair that makes our hearts flutter. So today we’re testing a brand who have caught our eye a lot recently – Unicorn Cosmetics.

Unicorn Cosmetics started out as a small ‘basement’ company. Owner Mel Blue created the brand as she was fed up of the lack of creativity and originality in the cosmetics industry, Fast forward to today, and UC has grown into a warehouse and is developing a reputation of bringing sparkle and magic into everyone’s lives.

We received a PR parcel from Unicorn Cosmetics, and we decided to share the results with you on one pair of lashes in particular.

What are we testing?

We are trying out the 3d Mink Lash in the style Twink. These lashes are made from shedding mink hair, which is the hair that falls on the animals naturally and is collected for lashes so no furries were harmed in the making of the lashes.

First Impressions.

The box is stunning, the pastel rainbow carton is a touch that adds to the beauty even more. The outer carton is as stunning with the funky UC box. The lashes are stored in a reusable component which doesn’t feel flimsy.

The lashes are very whispy – they look slightly dramatic but pretty natural and very beautiful with a super thin and flexible lash band. They have a slightly more natural eye shape to the band. They feel soft to the touch and lightweight,


After trimming the lashes a tiny bit to fit our eye we used the Pinky Goat black lash glue. Once the glue set we used tweezers to pop the lashes into place. Amazingly they were ridiculously easy to apply. The thin lash band allowed us to achieve the most natural look as the lashes blended right into our natural ones!

The look.

These lashes are PERFECT. They blended beautifully and gave that daytime or night time glam we were desperate for. They have drama and flutter.

The wear.

Throughout the day there wasn’t a moment of the lashes feeling uncomfortable, they simply felt natural. They held all day and we saw no loss of volume.

After 8 hours of wear, the lashes came off easily without damage. They were very simple to clean by peeling off the dried glue and cleansing with micellar water. They went back to looking fresh out the box!

Overall verdict.

Our mission is complete. We have found the most perfect pair of lashes.at just £7.99 they sure are affordable, evidently they are fluttery and whispy, they are suitable for day and night, they are cruelty-free, the lash band was thin but not flimsy and they are reusable (you can use them up to 15 with the correct aftercare.

These Twink lashes are available from Unicorn Cosmetics website, but if you use the code NIKI15 at checkout you’ll receive 15% off!

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Written by Niki

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