The Ultimate Pride Hero – Jack

The definition of a Pride Hero; Someone who strives for equality for all, who accepts every sexuality, race, religion, back ground and gender and someone who passionately tries to make the world a place where everyone can stand together.

Here at Fuzzable, we have been celebrating Pride all month. We have honoured our favourite LGBTQ+ stars, spoken about our own experiences within the community and we’ve brought a whole lot of fun and love throughout our site. To close the festivities, we feel we need to honour one last pride hero, someone who each and every one of us at Team Fuzzable and our sister site CelebMix are all united that he is our true Pride Hero. This person is our boss Jack.
Jack is the owner of the two sites, he created both with a passion for up and coming writers and creating media that focuses on positives. He’s a strong member of the LGBTQ+ community. But the thing that makes Jack different is his passion for people.

He’s taken over 150 writers under his wing over the last 3 years. Each one from different walks of life. He’s built family’s of people who may never of gotten the chance to speak in any other way, but united with a passion for writing. He treats everyone as his equal, wherever you come from or things that don’t fit a ‘norm’, you work with Jack not for him. He’s able to see potential and beauty in places that it’s not easy to see, and you can bet that he’ll do anything to help anyone’s dreams come true.
Jack is a pride hero for everything above and so many more things. We, the team of Fuzzable thought we’d share a few messages to Jack, to show just why he has made the world a brighter place. . .

I didn’t know I needed Fuzzable in my life until I randomly stumbled upon it one night last fall. I immediately applied and it soon became obvious that it was something missing in my life. Because of Jack and his creation, I’ve been able to expand my writing horizons, meet a ton of people through the internet, and work with a PHENOMENAL team. Jack is a modern day leader and superhero. He always believed in me and my abilities. Simply, I want to be more like Jack. He’s a true role model. So, to Jack, thank you. For being you, and for Fuzzable. – Preston

I have always dreamed of becoming a writer but more than that, I have always wanted to be someone who people can look up to. Jack is the person who bestowed his trust on me when it was easy for him to let me go. He and Katrina sat through all my works and made me who I am today. There has never been a day when he has not listened to what people have got to say. He is a man of strong opinions but he opinions are grounded in the well being of his people. I really look up to him as a friend, as a guide and as a mentor. In today’s world, when a lot of people take their authority for granted, Jack nurtures his family without ever imposing his views. He is a true leader. – Ayushi

It’s hard to find genuinely amazing people in this world, but Jack is one of them. He started CelebMix with the intention of creating a website written by young people, for young people. It has gone way past that. CelebMix has brought so many writers together as friends and has given each of us amazing opportunities. From interviews with celebrities to opportunities on other sites he has created. Fuzzable was another creation from Jack’s imagination. Fuzzable has given us the chance to branch out with our writing skills and learn how to interact with companies on a professional level.Working with these two sites has helped me learn skills that I never learned in high school but you need in your adult life.Thank you Jack for giving 15 year old me the opportunity to work with CelebMix and an opportunity to be an admin on Fuzzable. – Grace

Jack, you have changed me. When I applied for CelebMix, I was shy, feeling I had no chance of being worth much and my dream of being able to write about the things I adore was stuck at a small blog with 6 followers. I may not be the best at grammar but you saw something in me and believed in me. Fast forward to Fuzz’s expansion and I took a risk, I thought in my mind I would never be good enough for a role as admin, but took the shot anyway. Again you believed in me. You see so much good in the world. Thank you for everything, from promising me a pony to listening to all my ideas and helping me make them real. – Niki.

Thank you is just two words that are not strong enough to explain how grateful I am to Jack for all he has done for me. Jack accepted me as a writer for CelebMix first and foremost, when I thought it was a long-shot because of the quality articles that are published on site. Having that platform made me believe in myself even more, and being promoted to a CelebMix Star and then to a fully-fledged editor of the site made me realise that Jack believed in me. Setting up Fuzzable allowed many of us to expand our writing abilities and experience. We’ve all got a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Jack. – Jonathan

In early 2015 I came across an advert on a recruitment site asking for writers for an online entertainment site, called, I applied. I got the job. In one of my first correspondence with Jack he said he was re-branding and did i want to move to the new site which would be called CelebMix? I said yes. Three years later I am an editor on CelebMix and I contribute to Fuzzable, and generally send Jack daily messages with random ideas (some good and not so good). What Jack does with both CelebMix and Fuzzable, is truly inspiring. He has been able to bring together people who want to write but have never had the guts to, or who have lost their passion for writing and he’s helped them all to learn to love to write again. Jack will be the first to admit he’s not perfect, he doesn’t like confrontation and sometimes he’s too nice when people aren’t pulling their weight on either site. But he’s human.He’s a guy that without even trying has managed to inspire and motivate over 150 people. He’s given them a chance to write, a platform to be heard,and access to some amazing once in a life opportunities and for one guy to be able to do that, to have the determination and initiative to do that its pretty special. – Kelly.

Jack, you are the reason my writing side and my creative side exists. Without you, I would have never found a missing piece of myself I didn’t know I was missing. Although completely aware that I wasn’t complete, I didn’t know what was missing, and you found that for me. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities you’ve given to me and the rewards I’ve reaped because of you. Thank you so much for everything you do Jack, your work will never not be appreciated by me or by any of the lives you’ve changed. – Ellie.

Kind, encouraging, understanding, selfless and a motivator… all words I would use to describe Jack Crute. Although we have never actually met, Jack is someone who has given me confidence, boosted my self esteem and made me think in a less limiting way through the opportunities he has given me writing for CelebMix and Fuzzable.
I’m grateful for him and thankful for all that he does – Phillip

I don’t know Jack personally, yet, he’s changed my life. He’s an amazing person and he’s so talented. I’ve always admired what he’s done at such a young age. It’s just incredible! And I know that I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity he gave me two years ago. I don’t know where I’d be now if Jack hadn’t created CelebMix or Fuzzable. So thank you, Jack! A million thanks from a girl from Hungary. – Alexandra.

Jack is a hero in disguise and I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed. He’s the mind, heart and soul behind a leading celebrity news website that continuously grows every day; but he brought people together of all different ages from around the world and created a family. That in it of itself speaks volumes to the type of person Jack is. Before I joined CelebMix, I never even considered taking up writing as a career. I always thought it would remain as something I did in my spare time – but Jack changed that. He provided me the freedom of creativity and never judged any idea, opinion or belief I had. 3 years later and he hasn’t failed me yet. Who is lucky enough to say that?! Jack, your strength is unlike any other. You’re kind, intelligent, encouraging, motivated, funny… and a huge reason why so many of us have grown in a lot of ways since knowing you. You’ve built a family here at CelebMix (and Fuzz) and I know I speak for everyone when I say – thank you. Thank you for everything that you’ve given us, for all the opportunities, for your constant work behind the scenes just to make sure CM runs smoothly… But most importantly, thank you for creating an environment where everyone can feel safe and free to be who they are. Not many people have the talents you have, I can’t wait to see what your future holds. – Victoria

Jack is a really interesting writer. His posts are motivating and quirky that I enjoy reading a few of them during my spare time. The fact that he created Fuzzable, he made a platform for potential/aspiring lifestyle bloggers, writers, journalist, and those in between to practice their writing and storytelling. Keep up the good work Jack and thanks for bringing us together. – Erielle

Jack, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me and for bringing this unique little family into my life. You are always so accepting of everyone, no matter what their background is and I truly appreciate that. You’re a very special human being and I couldn’t be prouder to know you. Thank you a billion times over! – Katrina

Thank you for everything Jack! Between writing for CelebMix and interning at CelebMix, you made so many of my dreams come true. I even got to do some cool interviews! I love writing here during my free time, and I’m glad I found CelebMix. I love being able to write for such a positive website. – Melanie

Jack, I have so much to thank you for! Through both CelebMix and Fuzzable you’ve provided me with the platform to showcase my work to the world, something I thought I’d never have the means to do. Through the platforms you’ve created for us, I’ve been able to develop contacts, been reached out to by companies, and even attended the Isle Of Wight Festival.Without CelebMix and Fuzzable, I also wouldn’t have met the lovely writers behind both, so thank you! – Enya

Thank you for everything, Jack. Honestly, there’s so many reasons why I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. But one thing that I’m really thankful for is how you brought together an amazing and loving family behind Fuzzable. You have created a special place where we could be ourselves and learn valuable life lessons from each and every single person. All I wish for you is love and happiness in life because you truly deserve it for being an amazing human. – Macia

Jack- I cannot thank you enough for how you’ve supported me on my writing journey. I have you to thank for not only providing me wonderful opportunities to grow as a writer, but to meet a lovely group of like-minded people that truly feels like a family. Your dedication, leadership, and innovation with both CelebMix and Fuzzable is so admirable, and you have so much to be proud of. Thank you for everything Jack! – Anne Marie

Thank you, Jack for creating a space online where everyone feels safe, welcomed, and appreciated for being their most authentic selves. You have helped each of us grow not only as writers, but as individuals, as you have encouraged each of us to continue to push ourselves to new heights. Thanks to you and the Fuzzable team, I have found a family online that I know I can turn to whenever I need any help. So from me to you, happy pride! – Michele

Thank you so much Jack for creating a platform where so many people can come together and write awesome articles. You’re awesome and we’re all so lucky to have you – Sarah

Jack, honestly so thankful that you’ve given me an opportunity to work for two incredible teams in the last two years! You’ve taught me so much and let me express myself through my writing. You are a great mentor and boss to all of us and I’m really grateful for these opportunities!! – Chloe

I don’t know where to begin my thanks for all the joy you have brought into everyone’s lives. I know as writers, both from CelebMix and Fuzzable, we don’t always see just how hard you work behind the scenes, fixing the technical bugs and fielding incessant questions from us (I know you have had to deal with WAY too many questions from me). Regardless of how visible your work truly is, I think a wave of gratitude is due. Your work has, I would argue, single-handedly changed several people’s lives. You’ve inspired and, to a large extent, trained future journalists, marketing professionals, film reviewers, talent agents, editors, fashion bloggers, food critics, Youtube vloggers, make up artists, stylists, teachers, academics, and freelancers… And this list is by no means exhaustive. Thank you for your patience, constructive criticism, and genuine love for the websites and their writers. We would all be worse off otherwise. – Uyen

Hi Jack! I know we don’t really talk much & I’m still pretty new to the fuzz family but thank you so so much for bringing us all together & letting us all express our interests/creativity through articles on Fuzzable. You’re the best! – Brianna

Jack truly has the greatest heart in the world. If you feel like you would love to be a writer, with someone who is beyond amazing and who is ‘Simply the best’, we’d love to hear from you, everything you need to know is here. Jack’s family of writers is always ready to grow.


Written by Niki

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