8 steps to the ultimate pamper night

Nights in with friends are increasingly becoming more popular than a night on the town. Here we list out top 8 steps to follow for the ultimate pamper night!


1. Comfy clothes

The first step to the ultimate pamper night is being comfortable. Bring out the fluffy socks, the soft robes and cozy loungewear! Grab some blankets and cushions and prepare for ultimate relaxation.



2. Face masks

Face masks are great for pamper evenings, they can be relatively cheap and are easy to do. Peel off, wash off, sheet, clay, choose whatever takes your fancy, sit back and relax!



3. Nail painting

No pamper night would be complete without a nail session! First you can soak your hands in warm water and your feet in a foot spa, followed by massages and painting. You could even try out nail art, check out Pinterest for some awesome inspiration.



4. Candles

Candles help to create the perfect atmosphere- cozy, relaxing and warm! Light mini tea lights for a cute aesthetic, or burn your favourite scented candle to fill the room with delicious scents. Having a Christmas pamper night? Why not choose a gingerbread or fir tree scented candle.



5. Hair treatments

Wash, condition, use hair masks, curl, dye, straighten, style. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your hair. Some of our favourite styles can be seen here from CuteGirlsHairstyles!



6. Movies

Wether it’s a classic like Clueless, or a modern hit like La La Land, chilling out and watching a movie with your friends can be one of the best ways to spend a relaxing evening in.



7. Music

If bopping to the High School Musical soundtrack is your jam, or you love keeping up to date with the latest pop hits, a pamper evening doing your nails is perfectly accompanied by music!



8. Snacks

It is definitely not a pamper night without some food! You could stick with the classics of popcorn, chips, dips, and chocolate; or why not extend your cooking master-skills a little further and have a DIY pizza, nacho or ice cream night!

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