UK Companies Shaping a Greener Fashion Industry in 2021

It’s not just the most prominent design houses that are influencing the UK fashion industry and consumer trends. Other companies from retail, technology, finance, and marketing contribute to the landscape of the UK fashion sector. Here are some of the most innovative companies predicted to make their mark in 2021 – and the ways they are doing so.



SaveYourWardrobe is an app that can be used to help you make the most of your existing clothes. The people behind the app claim that we only wear about 20% of the clothes we own, making us buy more clothes when it is not necessary. By uploading your wardrobe to the app, you will receive outfit recommendations that you might not have thought about before straight to your device. It will also provide information about local repair and cleaning companies to keep your existing garments in good condition.


Trading Platforms

You would assume that online platforms where you can buy and trade shares would be far removed from the fashion industry, but that’s not exactly the case. Thanks to these platforms, the everyday fashion enthusiast can buy into their favourite brands (including new startup labels) without having a broker on speed dial. This can be used as a vehicle to support individual fashion designers and other companies that make the garments through ethical and environmental processes. In fact, trading platforms are becoming a fantastic way for everyday people to support good causes across industries.

It is great to learn how Forex can impact the fashion industry or how other investments can generate income while showing your support.



The Dutch have a single word for when we buy something buy accident that we probably won’t wear or use (a miskoop). To save on these bad purchases that end up at the bottom of our wardrobe, a team from The University of Cambridge has created 3D visualisation technology that can accurately tell you if the online clothing purchase you are considering will be the right fit, and how it will look on you. This will cut down on bad buys we cannot be bothered to return, and save on having to send items back all over the world.



You have gold in your pocket and probably don’t even realise it. The average modern smartphone includes 0.2g of gold. The problem is that most of this gold never gets reused or recycled. That’s where Lylie’s come in.

Lylies’s recycle the gold inside electronic devices to create salvages necklaces, pendants, men’s cufflinks, and other jewellery items and accessories. They are reusing one of the most used devices that do not get recycled and putting it back into the fashion industry with a new lifecycle.


By adopting new technologies, there are so many businesses that can help the fashion industry become more sustainable. You may also be interested in the blockchain projects at a company called Provenance, which allows buyers track where their fashion items are sourced from accurately to ensure ethical buying!

Written by Monella

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