Types of SEO Content to Fuel Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days when bloggers and guest post writers could restrict their message to small blogs or ‘long-enough’ articles. Today, when you analyze the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings, you will find distinct content types, with classified formats, working wonders for readers and those who post them alike. 

What follows below will provide a brief idea about the different types of SEO content to match your online marketing strategies. 

Guest Posts of Different Kinds 

Best left to professional guest post service providers, well-optimized content has to be curated and handled with care to give good returns. At the very onset, you need to figure out the types of content that work best for your SEO campaigns. They may comprise one, or a mix, of the following types of SEO content. 

Product Category and Description Pages

The main element of any retail e-commerce site is a well-scripted product page. Serving as PPC landing pages as well as lucrative SEO content, product pages are designed to depict the features, product benefits, and visuals of the items sold by you. 

Guest Blogging

According to expert link builders at Outreach Monks there is no better or easier means of getting more link juice than publishing guest blogs on high Domain Authority portals and blogging sites. You can generate regular and consistent streams of SEO friendly content through engaging blog posts. Make your blogs relevant and useful for your target audience so that they can attract a number of links to showcase your brand. 

Article Writing 

Feature pieces, knowledge articles, news articles, and interview pieces are some common ways of formatting your SEO articles. This type of SEO content is best used on magazine-style or news rendering websites. They adopt a more formal tone than blogs and have consistent threads of information running through them. 

Listicles or SEO Lists

“5 Ways of Writing Guest Posts” or “Top 10 Online Marketing Strategies in 2019” are some examples of SEO content written in the form of a list. The structuring of list type content makes it easy for readers to scan what’s written. SEO lists are generally more clickable in social media feeds and search engine results. 

Guides and Guideline Articles

You can hire the expertise of a guest posting service provider to curate long pieces of content that would work like guides for your target audience. They describe how to learn or do something in details. Once ready, such SEO content can either be posted on high authority sites as full guides or in the form of excerpts or a summary. 

Choose the Best SEO Content-Type

These days, online marketers are spoiled for choice when it comes to freezing upon the best SEO content type to boost the brand value of their clients. In addition to the different types of SEO posts mentioned above, you can invest in videos, infographics, glossaries, slideshows, audio posts, and directories to create authentic web resources for your prospective customers. You may discuss the way forward with experts in White Hat link posting and blogging to gain the best returns from your post. Get in touch with them at Outreach Monks, today. 

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