Two brand new LUSH concept shops have opened their doors for us!

Lush lovers! 2019 is a year we’re spoiled.

Lush family has grown with two concept stores opening doors for the brand’s loyal advocates and for anyone who is yet to discover its magic.

Next to the second biggest shop in Europe, in Munich, there has been an opening of Lush Perfume Library in Florence and Fresh & Flowers in Paris!

The new concept shops follow the successful launch of Lush’s recently opened shops in Milan, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Manchester, whose range includes the naked products only and their #LushLabs Bath Bomb concept shop in Tokyo.

Let’s take a closer look at what awaits you once you venture to explore the newest stores of our favorite brand.

More than cosmetics in Munich

With the opening of the Lush store in Munich on Friday, 8th of November 2019, Germany received the largest retail investment by the brand in Europe, with retail space built at 689 square meters and across three floors, following the opening of their biggest shop in Liverpool, UK earlier this year.

In early October, Lush continued its growth spree and expanded the numbers of shops in the UK with the opening of new shops in Clapham Junction and Paddington Station.

Being the second largest shop in Europe, the brand aimed to go beyond cosmetics with innovation and creative experience forming two key objectives for its European expansion.

The store will host an array of exciting concepts and brand new exclusives for the German market.

Fresh & Flowers in Paris

Paris’ newest concept store is inspired by the love of French people for fresh products!
Fresh as in: ‘You get the freshest cosmetics at Lush at all time.’

However, they offered exactly that in every way for the past 24 years and now they are taking the creativity and years of expertise in this area one step further.

Offering an array of innovative and effective products for face, body, and hair, without preservatives and some individually prepared by the team in the shop, Lush wants to give customers the opportunity to adopt a fresh lifestyle and shop for the best, freshest cosmetics available.

Following the recently opened permanent florists in Liverpool and Tokyo, the brand will bring this concept permanently to Paris and will be selling locally sourced and seasonal bouquets alongside fresh cosmetics in the exclusive store in Le Marais.

The Lush Perfume Library in Florence

The third and final stop on our trip through Lush’s newest European stores is Italy. The Lush Perfume Library in Florence is going to house a collection of Lush fragrances from across the globe.

The shop will offer visitors a spectacular perfume consultation based on humoural theory and the use of perfume as medicine in the Renaissance. In the said time period, it was common to have a bespoke prescription suited directly to the needs of the individual, and the resulting fragrance, created out of this prescription, had the ability to rebalance the body and provide protection against illness. Like it is still common in homeopathy these days.

We are definitely excited to see Lush’s new offering and how audiences would react to the brand’s new stores. Tweet us @Fuzzable and let us know which of the stores you would like to visit first.

Written by Vanessa

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