5 of the best ways to get more Twitter followers

You either love Twitter, or you’re confused by Twitter. Despite falling in popularity in recent years, the social network is still one of the best, and it’s great fun when watching TV shows or tweeting a live event. If you want to grow your network and get more followers, then we’ve got the article for you.

1. Post more content

The more tweets you post, the more likely you are to gain new followers. Every tweet is a chance to get new likes and retweets, and in turn, more followers. Post pictures when you’re out and about, tweet along to your favourite television shows, and have conversations with your followers. The more active you are on the network, the more people will find out about your account.

2. Follow other people

If you’re only following a handful of Twitter users, then you’ll struggle to grow your account. Follow people that you’re interested in, and people who might be interested in your account.

Following users in bulk is a known tactic used by businesses and social media personalities to quickly inflate follow numbers, but this can be risky, as it’s against Twitter’s rules and it could lead to you following thousands of random accounts that you’re not interested in.

Instead, aim to follow just a handful of people every day, and there’s a chance that they’ll follow you back in return.

3. Create a themed account

People are more likely to follow your account if you post regular, humorous content – just look at accounts like Uber Facts and @SoDamnTrue. If you’re serious about growing your Twitter account, then creating a themed account could be the best solution.

For example, you could create an account that’s dedicated to posts about your favourite celebrity or television show, or you could post funny memes and videos that are likely to be retweeted by others.

4. Get involved in debates

Twitter is unique in the fact that you can talk to total strangers without seeming like a stalker, so don’t be afraid of getting involved in discussions and debates. Being featured on Twitter Moments can help you stand out and encourage new people to follow you, so if you’re always posting about topical issues and starting conversations, you’re more likely to attract new followers.

5. Make your profile pop

It’s 2018, and the default Twitter profile picture (RIP egg) just won’t cut it. Make sure you take the time to create an attractive-looking profile; use a decent profile picture, add a Twitter header, and fill in all of the other information, such as your location, website, date of birth and a bio. The more engaging your profile looks, the more likely people are to follow you.

Are you popular on Twitter? What have you been doing to stand out? Let us know on Twitter using @Fuzzable, or leave a comment below!

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