Truth or Dare: The ultimate party game

Unless you spent your childhood living under a rock, the chances are that you have played truth or dare at least a couple of times with your friends. The classic game is great fun for parties, sleepovers, and lunch breaks at college, and we’re all familiar with seeing the game being played on reality TV shows to stir drama, like Celebrity Big Brother and Love Island.

Well, if you’ve ever fancied playing the game with your friends but have run out of ideas for new questions, fear not. The classic game is now on your smartphone, thanks to the new Truth or Dare app. Below, we offer an introduction, and then share some of the very best truth or dares of all time to give you some food for thought and get you in the party mood!

Truth or Dare App

If you want to get to know your friends for real and have some fun at your next sleepover, the the Truth or Dare app is definitely one to download. You’ll need two or three people, and you can then ask some embarrassing questions and take part in fun challenges – it’s the ultimate ice breaker game, and because it’s available for free on Android and iOS, there’s no excuse for your game of Truth or Dare to dry up once you’ve asked a few questions.

The Truth or Dare apps works by displaying questions and dares. You can pass the phone around, and each player can choose whether they want to ask a question or take part in a dare. There are a number of categories – for beginners, for experienced players, and for experts who want to be challenged. We’ve tried the game ourselves, and let us tell you: there are some seriously tough questions to get through, and hilarious challenges to boot.

Of course, there are some truth or dare game rules to abide by when you’re playing – after all, it’s no fun if one player chickens out or refuses to answer a question. Dares like burp your own name, massage a player of your choice, and kiss the person closest to you may be kinda scary, but once everyone gets into the swing of things it soon becomes lots of fun.

The best Truth or Dare questions…

Whether you’re in your late teens or in your thirties, the chances are that you’ve got a funny or embarrassing truth or dare story to tell. Perhaps you were dared to kiss your now husband or maybe even had to lick the feet of your enemy? The best part about truth or dare is that you have to stick to the rules and take part in a challenge, or you’ll p*ss people off. Below, we have put together some of the very best truth or dare questions to ask with your friends:

  1. Do you fancy someone in this room?
  2. Show us the part of your body you’re most proud of.
  3. Spill the last secret someone told you…
  4. What celebrity would you go gay for?
  5. Kiss the person closest to you…
  6. French kiss a person’s belly button (gross)
  7. Show us the tenth picture on your Photo Feed…
  8. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
  9. Would you get it on with the person to your left for $1,000?
  10. Who is the hottest person in the room?
  11. Streak around the house…
  12. What was the last thing you Googled?
  13. What’s the worst kiss you’ve ever had?
  14. Feed someone candy using only your mouth…
  15. Let the group post something on your Facebook…

Ready to play? These questions are enough to get started with, but if you’re looking for more, download the Truth or Dare app on the App Store and Google Play Store. Have fun!

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