Trivium’s highly anticipated new album

Most Trivium fans aka Shoguns keep up to date with tours, the bands activity on social media and new releases, But in case you didn’t get the memo the new album will be released October 20th and is available for presale now on itunes and The band released 2 songs from the album ahead of launch, the “The Sin And The Sentence” followed by the recent “The Heart From Your Hate” which are available on YouTube, Spotify and also for purchase on Itunes.

If you’re coming into this with no idea who Trivium are I would ask “have you been living under a rock?” and then tell you they’re one of my favourite metal bands hailing from Florida, US. They are not only incredibly talented but so kl & down to earth. Check Wiki if you want to find out more about them >> wiki/Trivium

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A new album from Trivium is always really exciting as you never quite know what you’re going to get.. its always fantastic regardless of what direction they take though thanks to the creative genius of front man Matt Heafy.

Since Matt blew his voice out and as the band evolved over the years each album has had something different and special about it. The last album ‘Silence In The Snow’ received a lot of backlash about Matts vocals and the sound the band had gone with. I cant help but feel this influenced the band a little on this record.

I’ve given a lot of love to Matt and the new record but I gotta show props to the rest of the band as an OG Shogan and because they’re a collective of incredible musicians.

Meet the band

Paolo Gregoletto – Bass Player, Mr Browns human &
one of the funniest guys on Twitter
Corey Beaulieu – Lead Guitarist,
human windwill, likes the best metal bands
Alex Bent – The newest Trivium member
& a demon on drums
Matthew “Matt” Kiichi Heafy – Lead Vocalist & Guitarist,
Gamer, Japanese American & meme face extraordinaire.


Each member has their own personality and have a lot of fun with fans. Front man Matthew Heafy keeps us fully clued into his life with the band, his Epiphone signature guitars, his wife Ashley & dog Miyuki and his love for beer & food. He takes fandom and his platform to a whole other level and likes to really connect through his hobbies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & twitch streaming.





The new album is a great mix of all the albums that have come before it. You’ve still got the heavy riffs and harsh vocals from matt but you’ve also got his strong singing which he has really perfected over the years. I think this album will win over everyone while also being what the band wants to work on. We can definitely expect more great things from the band and I for one am really excited for the new album to drop.


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Trivium are just finishing the last leg of their European Tour but will be kicking off another in the US soon >> Tour dates


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