Trisha Paytas: The Unexpected Queen of Vlogmas 2017

Trisha Paytas has led an interesting year, from competing on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother to expanding her viewership with the creation of her Patreon and its exclusive content, but Trisha’s greatest accomplishment this year may just be Vlogmas.

For those who do not know, Vlogmas is when content creators upload vlogs (video blogs) to YouTube each day in December leading up to Christmas. Many variations have stemmed from this; for example, some will do all 7 days of the week, some only do weekdays, etc.

Trisha Paytas is self-described as struggling to commit to things, but this does not come through with her Vlogmas. Trisha has stayed on schedule and filled the month with exciting escapades and guest appearances by popular entertainers such as Jason Nash and Josh Peck.

In the joyous events of Vlogmas, Trisha has taken her followers to New York from Los Angeles where she attended a convention and met her long-time fave Jason Mamoa (Game of Thrones, Justice League). She bought a sibling 2018 Corvette for her iconic pink G-Wagon. She joined forces with The Vlog Squad for some entertaining footage, including fun videos with Jason Nash at such places as Disneyland and Medieval Times. Her mom and sister also sprinkled fun and comedic moments throughout the month’s videos.

Trisha’s Vlogmas stands out from other content creators’ videos due to her sheer realness. Most show only the good times and display a façade for the camera, but Trisha leaves all pretenses behind and takes her followers for the complete ride: the happy, the sad, and every distinct moment in-between. She may live lavishly, but with minimal video editing, viewers are able to see the real her with all of her emotions rather than a single persona that so many other creators present to their audiences.

In addition to Vlogmas, whose videos are uploaded to her vlog-specific YouTube channel, Trisha’s main channel reached three million subscribers this month. She celebrated in typical Trisha fashion with an iconic mukbang video. Trisha’s three million subscribers aren’t surprising, with her channel constantly being updated with unique content. Her music videos are only one source of this, and this month’s songs, “Dear O.J. Simpson” and “A Christmas Jesus Bop,” are no different. The former offers a parody to Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband,” while the latter juxtaposes soft choruses and gospel-esque raps.

Trisha can be found at the following social media:

Main channel: Blndsundoll4mj

Vlog channel: Trisha Paytas

Twitter: @trishapaytas

Instagram: @trishapaytas

As always, tweet us @Fuzzable with love for Trisha and all of your favorite Vlogmas entertainers. What is your favorite video by Trisha this month? Her parody of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series is definitely at the top of my list.

Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

twitter & instagram: @psm_writes

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