Trisha Paytas Releases 2 New Christmas Songs!

Trisha Paytas, who we declared last year as the Queen of Vlogmas, has just released two new Christmas songs and music videos to accompany them. If you don’t know, Trisha is a popular YouTuber who also records music. She is unsigned, but her music, which is often Britney Spears-inspired, speaks for itself and doesn’t require a label to be catchy and unique.

In the past, and in addition to her other music, Trisha has released a variety of holiday-themed songs, including the comedically cute “Merry Trishmas” and the rap-sing “A Christmas Jesus Bop.” Joining this catalogue this year are “Milk and Cookies” and “Cozy Christmas,” with the latter featuring her boyfriend Jason Nash.

“Milk and Cookies” takes the age-old tradition of innocent Christmas music and flips it on its head. The title sounds innocent enough, but as you listen you quickly realize Trisha is capitalizing on the Christmas spirit and using it as a way to completely own her sexuality and make the holiday wholly her own. The track, in this way, is refreshing, and we love her spin on Christmas music!

“Cozy Christmas,” on the other hand, is more traditional than its counterpart – but that doesn’t inherently mean it’s worse. This track sees Trisha and her boyfriend singing back and forth in a beautiful duet. It gets a little risqué at parts, with the lovers singing about being naked under the sheets, but the song as a whole shows both how powerful their love is and how talented and pleasant they are as people. Overall, Trisha’s take on classical Christmas music is breathtaking and we look forward to listening to it every year – and these two additions this year have us more stoked than ever.

Trisha can be found on Youtube @blndsundoll4mj here. She can also be found @trishapaytas on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

Her music can be streamed and purchased everywhere you get your music, including on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!

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Written by Preston Smith

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