Traveling: Packing The Essentials

Packing for trips away, such as a gap year or a road trip, can be an absolute nightmare. Trying to find everything last minute can leave you feeling deflated before you leave and can take some of the excitement away from traveling. No matter how much times you pack and unpack again to check you’ve remembered everything, you find you’ve left something crucial at home. Typical.  Luckily, we’ve composed a short checklist of the essentials for you to look over before you leave!

Of course, you need to remember the obvious things, clothes, toiletries and medication, among others, but there are other things that can easily be forgotten.


 1. Passport/Ticket

You’d be surprised how many times people have got to the airport only to discover – oh no! They’ve forgotten their passport or boarding pass. Always remember to keep your passport or boarding pass somewhere easy to find just in case you’re in a last-minute rush.

2. Adapters/Chargers

When visiting a foreign country, some might forget that their plugs and sockets are not the same as at home. On the market, there are thousands of variations of adaptors for UK to US sockets, vice versa and everything else in between. Along with making sure you can plug stuff into charge, it is also a good idea to also remember to bring the chargers themselves. With every electronic you bring, always remember to double check you have its corresponding charger.

3. Money

Obvious, but important. When abroad, it is always a good idea to have spare money on hand (or ways to access spare money) just in case of emergency.

4. Entertainment

Of course, when on holiday or on a road trip, you don’t want to be bored. Packing some means of entertainment ensures that the fun doesn’t stop. This could be in the form of a mobile game, a board game or simply just some music for the ride there.

5. Visas and Insurance

May sound boring but travel insurance and visas are so important when traveling from country to country. If you don’t have a visa for a country, you will be waiting at the border for a long, long time. Visas are needed to go into a country legally and without it, you may be stuck. To find out visa information for the country that you are traveling to, visit here. Lastly, travel insurance is more important than some might think – especially because once you leave, you can’t get it! Travel insurance protects your personal items as well as gives you medical cover so your trip can stay positive.




Written by Lauren

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