Travel Trailer Camping Guide for Beginners

Your first few times camping is a sharp learning curve, you get educated on the road pretty quickly. However, there are a few measures to take before you get out and enjoy Mother Nature, that will make your life a lot easier. Read on for tips that will make your first camping experience as amazing as it possibly can be:

Make a Packing List

All great trips should start with a list. By compiling a well thought out, realistic packing list you’ll be minimising all the worry and last-minute panic that comes with taking a trip. You should segment your master plan into Gear, Clothing, Toiletries, Equipment (Cooking, Storage etc) Food, Essentials and Recreational (Entertainment, Walking Gear etc). Write it out, either on your computer, on paper, or on a whiteboard and check everything off as you go. This will give you a visual representation of your packing progress and will enable you to see everything that you still need to get.

Prepare All Meals

The thing that hits new campers hardest is probably the food situation. Mealtime when camping isn’t easy, you have this image of serene barbeques and campfire cook-outs and it’s shattered pretty quickly by crowded campsites and limited resources. By preparing your food properly, you’ll be setting yourself up for the easiest and quickest campsite cooking possible. Plan every meal you’re going to have, then pre-chop and prepare everything, it will save you so much fuss. When possible, consider actually pre-cooking a couple of meals. This is amazing for nights when you’re just too tired to make a meal from scratch. Remember to always keep breakfast simple, granola bars and cereal really is the best way to go – leave the hot food for after hours.

Organise your Camper’s Interior

Smart packing doesn’t stop at getting to the end of your list. To set yourself up for the best trip possible, be sure to organise how your items will be sitting both in your car and in your camper. When you set up at the site, be sure to place the heaviest items in the front end of your camper, this will mean that when you’re snoozing in the back, all the weight is evenly distributed.

Setting Up your Camper Trailer

Setting up the camper for the first time can feel a little daunting, the general process goes, find flat ground, unhook your towing vehicle, set up your stabilizers, set up the generator. However, if you want to be rid of any fuss and faffing when it comes to setting up, why not invest in a forward folding front camper trailer? These guys take all the pain away.

They are incredibly easy to set up, it’s simply a case of expanding it from its case! The Frontier model has everything you need for a smooth trip, with a big bed, water canisters and luxurious add ons such as a drought skirt and additional battery power, you won’t be missing anything!

Buy Extras to Store in your Camper

Muddying up the line between indoor kitchen, bathroom and entertainment items, and outdoor ones is a bit of a wrong step. Make a smart move and buy doubles of your Tupperware, favourite board games and towels, there’s nothing worse than losing your most treasured, handy item when you’re out camping. Doubles will also mean that you’ll always have a backup handy for the next trip, should anything go on a wander on your campsite.

By following these beginner guidelines, you can be confident that your first time out in the camping world will be as idyllic and magical as you dreamt it’d be. Camping really lets you get out of your head and enjoy the beautiful world that’s right there in front of you, so take the right measures to ensure that your adventure is the best it can be.

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