Travel in the ‘Spotlite’ this Summer and take the perfect selfies

Summer is fast approaching so for most of us, that means we get to get away for a bit and enjoy some time in the sun. Dimly lit hotel rooms and steamed up hotel bathroom mirrors propped so high you can’t reach them are one of the few things about travelling we hate. Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with them anymore because the new Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 has got your beauty backs covered on your travels.

The Spotlite is not just another makeup mirror… it’s designed to improve your makeup precision and simplify your beauty routine anywhere – including awkward hotel rooms.

Packed with smart features, the unique folding laptop design allows it to fit in your in-flight suitcase or travel bag giving you instant access to reliable lighting wherever you’re heading!

It ensures effortless perfect makeup in any hotel room giving you the confidence to step into and slay in the sun.

The Spotlite was created by JOI, JOI was founded by a busy modern woman who had many daily beauty challenges and also happened to be a product engineer. After endless searches and failure to find suitable solutions, she took matters into her own hands

JOI has thought of everything with the Spotlite. It can be hand-held or wall mounted, it has a touch sensitive dimmer switch to get the lighting you want. Iy can last up to eight weeks on a single charge, and handily informs you when the battery is getting low and is super easy to charge using the USB provided!

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If you love taking selfies and struggle to get the perfect light to do your make up then the Spotlite is something you need to get.

You can purchase the Spotlite here.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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