Top Ten Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time!!

Halloween is pretty much just around the corner and we all know what that means… TIME TO PANIC!

The most stressful part of this spooktacular holiday is finding the perfect costume, right? But like us are you stuck for inspiration this year? Well have no fear, as Team Fuzz are coming to your rescue, as we take a look back through some of the most devilishly terrifying celebrity costumes of all time.

Let your mind wander through some of the strangest images you will ever see…

10. Lady GaGa as a ‘Ghost’

At number ten it’s the Queen of the weird and wonderful herself, Lady Gaga!

Known for breaking the rules of fashion and pushing the limits to the maximum, this time Gaga has left herself at home and stripped it right back for this simple yet classic costume. Ah yes, the good old fashioned holes in a duvet cover number, we’ve tried this one many a time.

If your looking for an effortless costume at an affordable price then this is the one for you. Sadly we give GaGa a 1/10 for effort, but an incredible 10/10 for the humour factor.


9. Harrison Ford as a ‘Nun’

Have you ever wondered how Indiana Jones spends his weekends?

The Nun is a classic costume and with the release of the Nun movie franchise, it has been reborn.

Seen and worn every year by many, we still think Mr Ford is the holy one and only.


8. Nicole Scherzinger as ‘Cleopatra’

To us Nicole Scherzinger is more than worthy of the Queen status, which she has taken to a whole new level with this beautiful Halloween look.

With the classic bob, iconic makeup and regal costume, Nicole could easily be mistaken for the real Egyptian Queen Cleopatra herself… had she not been deceased a significant amount of time.

Nicole you look Schermazing!


7. The Rock as ‘The Hulk’

Why directors pay so much for CGI when ‘The Rock’ exists is beyond us, he is pretty much the hulk on a daily basis… minus the green paint of course!

This costume was made for Dwayne Johnson. Is there anything this man can’t pull off?


6. Katy Perry as a ‘Cheeto’

Here Katy Perry is the epitome of an absolute mood!

This costume calls out to us on telepathical frequency and is one we can all relate to.

Have you ever heard someone say if you eat anymore of something your gonna look like it? Here we have a visual representation of that situation and it is awesome! So where can we get our hands on a Cheetos bag?


5. Harry Styles as ‘Elton John’

One of our all time Halloween favourites is when celebrities dress up as other celebrities, and Harry Styles has done just that with this legendary look.

We know this outfit anywhere, it’s none other than music royalty Mr Elton John and we have to say Styles has it perfectly nailed.

10/10 from us for effort.


4. Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner as ‘Gomez & Morticia Addams’

No Halloween is complete without an appearance from Halloween’s favourite family, why it’s the Addams Family and we have to say they have never looked better.

Sophie and Joe both look deadly fabulous as Gomez and Morticia, resembling the original characters pretty closely.

They are killing us…


3. Le Bron James as ‘PennyWise’

Picture your worst nightmare… LeBron James has only gone and brought it to life!

Imagine a 6ft 8 Pennywise, that is the stuff of nightmares – he is definitely winning medals with this one!


2. Heidi Klum as ‘Michael Jackson in Thriller’

Heidi Klum has been known for her many brilliant Halloween costumes over the years, and yet again she does not disappoint!

When you think of Halloween Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ comes to mind, but instead of the iconic red number Heidi has gone for the original Werewolf Jackson costume.

We have to say it looks absolutely spooktacular.


1. Neil Patrick Harris & Family as ‘Star Wars New Hope Cast’

Stealing the limelight and creeping into number one is the legen… wait for it… dary, legendary Neil Patrick Harris and his family dressed as the Star Wars ‘New Hope’ cast.

This is the perfect way to get the whole family involved during this Halloween holiday and is sure to go down in history.

When you choose your costume this year, May the Force be With You!!

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Written by Amy Carr

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