Top Summer Bedding Trends and Ideas

The kind of bedding you use in winters cannot be used for summer. As soon as the winter ends, the first thing is to toss out the blankets and comforters. The winter bedding is exceptionally cozy and comfortable, making you spend more time in your bed. But, when summer season shows up, all you want to do is remove all the heavy stuff, and turn to fresh and breathable bed sheets.

You cannot even place the bulky duvets and heavy blankets on your bed in summers even when you are not using them. The look of your room must express the feelings that summer is officially here. The bedroom is the most comfortable and relaxing place in your home, and it must be your favorite corner. Why not make it more comfortable by following the seasonal trend?

Everyone should start their morning with freshness, happiness, and excitement. A sound sleep is important for a productive day; if you are not resting properly—you might have difficulty. We spend the most peaceful time of the day in our bedroom; we must make it the most calming place. Our bedrooms have the power to change our mood, it’s up to you whether you want to lift your spirit through your bedroom or you want to keep it exhausted. We have covered up the summer’s top bedding trend, so keep on reading for some fantastic ideas.

Soothing Light-weight Linen:

Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms are incredibly calming and comforting even in summers? The majority of the people want their rooms to be as comfortable as hotel rooms in summers. Here is the trick, ‘Light-weight linen.’ White is a neutral color, which is used in both winters and summers. This color provides comfort despite the nature of the season.

White linens are evergreen—perfect choice for warmer weather. This year white linen and cotton sheets designs are tending as well. You can also layer the sheets and pair it with a summer comforter to get a hotel-like feeling. Also, with each wash, such sheets get extremely soft. However, it is not necessary that you can only use white sheets. You can choose from 25 gorgeous colors. But, make sure that you are choosing the color according to the summer season.

Cane and Wicker Headboard:

Next on our list is the most exciting trend of 2020—cane and wicker furniture. There was a time when people used to have an outdoor kind of setting in their rooms. Rattan furniture was extremely famous back in time. Be it in the lounge, garden, or in bedrooms. The interesting part is, it is trending again in 2020. You can also get a cane headboard for your bed, and enhance the comfort zone.

Summer is all about having fun and making most of the time. If you are a fan of outdoor furniture, you can do the same setting in your room. Just get a cane headboard and pair it with natural materials. Moreover, you can also pair it with quirky bedside tables and summer lighting. Not only the room, but you can also get storage wicker baskets for your bathroom and wardrobe.

Mother Earth Scheme:

You spend the majority of your quality time in your bedroom. It is a personal space where you think about your past, present, and future. Mental health can be improved if a bedroom is comfortable and produces a positive vibe. It is quite important to redecorate a bedroom as per the seasonal changes.

We used to see white, beige, cream, or ocean blue bed sheets in summers to lighten up the room. But, in 2020, the game has changed. We have been noticing new trends and changes, and people are liking and implementing such changes in their rooms. The earthy scheme is trending everywhere. You can also bring indoor plants to your room, to give a robust feeling of mother earth scheme. Leave behind the plain colors and bring in welcoming colors such as brown, ochre yellow, olive green.

You can also use breathable bed sheets and linens in vibrant shades of sand, olive green, mint, sea foam, etc. moreover, you can get pillowcases from Parachute in a terracotta-inspired theme.


Can’t decide on one color? No problem, mix and match are trending this summer. So don’t be afraid of having a combination of colors. You like both bold and subtle, go for both of them. If you think white is dull, no need to include white color. This is such an exciting trend, as you can go for any color and pair it with any kind of decoration that you want.

Just a recommendation, go for all the warm or all cool color tones. If you are doing the yellow sheets, you can do the pillows in blue and curtains in grey. Go for the combinations that will look aesthetic and should also give summery vibes. Moreover, you can add some fancy look decorative items to your room and provide a combination of an artistic and traditional look.


Many people lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and the same kind of style can be seen in their homes as well. This summer, you can also introduce the usage of sustainable items in your bedroom and your life. Get the organic cotton bedding, which is good for the health and skin, as there are no chemicals involved.

Such beddings are not dull, they are eco-friendly and protect your skin from all kinds of allergies. Moreover, you can get up cycled rugs and paint your room with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

The above-mentioned summer 2020 bedding trends and ideas can change the look of your entire room. This summer, revamp your room by using these ideas and keep up with the season. Changing the decoration as per the season also gives a new and fresh look and improves sleep quality.

Written by Monella

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