Top Diets of 2019

The rise of obesity and diseases throughout the world is sending everyone into fitness regimes. Health food and exercise are the most researched on the internet. Most people are aware of their sedentary lifestyles and putting in serious efforts to stay healthy.  There are innumerous diets in the world today all claiming to have the desired results. Do keep in mind that only a few diets will suit your needs. How do you choose a diet that suits you? We’ve put together a list of the top diets in 2019 to help you choose.

The Atkins Diet

This diet focuses on the insulin levels in the body. It regulates the insulin and ensures that it is on the lower end. When insulin is high, the body stores the energy from the food and it is less likely that the body will burn this stored fat as a source of energy.

Less intake of carbohydrates controls the insulin levels in the body. Large amounts of carbohydrates cause insulin levels to fluctuate rapidly, making losing weight difficult. When you are on this diet you’ll have mainly protein and fiber to regulate the insulin.

The Keto Diet

The Keto diet is taking the world by storm. On this diet you reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the intake of fat. This sounds contradictory! The idea behind this is to make the body burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. This diet is emerging as a favourite because of the ease and energy levels. Individuals on this diet have reported having higher energy levels and attention spans. Avocados, brazil nuts, olive oil, coconut and oily fish are some examples of healthy fat that is prescribed in this diet.

The HCG Diet

This diet is the most favorite diet of 2019. It is the easiest and has the fastest results. It requires you to go through 5 phases of regulating your food and taking HCG supplements. This diet was first formulated in 1950s by Dr. Simeons who experimented with HCG as a weight loss hormone rather than a pregnancy hormone. The diet puts you on no more than 500 calories a day. These supplements fix your HCG levels and curb hunger while maintaining the energy required to function normally. You can even exercise because the HCG maintains normal energy levels.

The Vegan Diet

Vegans live on a diet of only plant foods. They avoid animal products like milk, eggs, meat and honey. In addition to being healthy, the vegan diet was formulated on philosophical grounds. Vegans believe that killing animals and rearing them for food is not sustainable in the long term and is environmentally unhealthy. They are of the opinion that modern rearing methods are bad for the environment and if everyone turned vegan there would be more food and animals would suffer less. Vegans get their protein, fibre and fat purely from plant food.

The Vegetarian Diet

After the ill effects of red meat and obesity, some Americans have relied upon vegetarian diets. Choosing this diet you have a large variety of options to choose from. Avoiding meat you can have honey, eggs and dairy products. Fruitarian vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, vegetarian with egg are some of the various type of vegetarians. Recent studies have shown that individuals who avoid meat have lower BMI, a more healthy disposition and higher energy levels both physical and mental.

The Zone Diet

A typical day consists of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fat and 30 percent protein. This diet watches insulin levels and regulates it to burn essential fats. It is a healthy mix of food and exercise that takes care of overall health for the long term. The first meal of the day should be consumed no later than an hour and then at intervals of 4-6 hours. The individual must stay hydrated and have at least 8 glasses of water a day. Keeping insulin levels within check and eating regularly should curb hunger. When you aren’t hungry before a meal it means you’re in ‘the zone’. Hence the name of this diet.

Every individual is different and so is their body. The diet that suits others may not suit you. Always consult a professional before starting a diet. There are many parameters to look into before starting a diet. Deficiencies, intolerance to certain foods, digestion and personal preferences matter when you start a diet. Your diet has to be a balance of these. Make your diet fun by customizing it and lose weight in the process too. A win-win situation.

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