Top 5 Prank Call Apps

Have you tried a prank call only for that person to realise in 10 seconds flat that it was you on the other line? Lets face it, it’s not that easy to fool friends, especially if you’re bad at using different speaking voices. 

How about if you finally managed to pull off a great prank call, only for your caller ID to be discovered? 

If either of these are the case then a prank call app may be the exact thing you’re looking for. 

Prank Call Apps make prank calls that much more enjoyable with its features and provided anonymity. Below are our top 5 choices. 


Prank Dial- Prank Call App


This prank call app has continued its success since its 2016 release date and with added pranks and a new user friendly interface this app should definitely be a prank priority. 


This app has professional voice actors playing 150+ pre-recorded scenarios so you will have a variety of prank calls to choose from, these include classics such as “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”. 


First you choose the scenario you feel is best suited for the person you’re prank calling, select the phone number and send. Once the call is completed it will be recorded so you can listen and share it at anytime. 

You will receive three free calls a daily and with hundreds of pranks done everyday you can also listen to reactions done by other users. 


Ownage Pranks


A Prank caller app most certainly worth downloading is the Ownage Pranks app. Ownage Pranks has an immensely popular youtube channel where hilarious prank calls to low rated businesses from Yelp are uploaded regularly.


The app doesn’t fall far from the tree in terms of entertainment and is very easy to use. Choose a pre-recorded scenario, select the contact you wish to call, send then listen. 

The recording can then be submitted to the Pranks hall of fame where you can also listen to the best reactions by other users.  


Free daily credits are also given, so the laughs never have to end.

When using the app, if keeping your identity a secret is a priority, then don’t worry. Calls are done using your Wifi and not with your phone network.  


Fake Call and SMS


This versatile prank call app allows you to schedule incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. This is especially useful if your situation is tight and want to get away, giving a valid excuse, i.e. an awkward date or a meeting you just can’t stay at. 

Faking outgoing calls can also get you out of trouble as you have proof. So the next time your partner rags on you for not booking a dentist appointment you can always show him or her the fake call you made. 


Unlike other fake call apps, this also can simulate a fake message sender which you can customize to your needs. This applies for your inbox, draft box and error mailbox.


With both features at your fingertips, there are so many creative ways to fool people and  to get out of awkward situations.


Some other functions and features include:


  • The application will be named ‘Call Assistant’ to free you of suspicion
  • Screen calls can be adapted for different phone lines such as Song, HTC, Samsung and many more. 
  • Choose different personalities for the fake caller as each situation will be different
  • Schedule what time counterfeit calls and messages should appear


Fake Call Plus- Prank Dial App


This is a prank call app which allows you to fake incoming calls in order to get out of awkward situations. Expecting a call from your boss, wive or golf partner? (we all need a golf partner) then now you can with the Fake Call Plus app. 


You can also prank friends or impress girls by having your favourite celebrity call you, making for unexpected and unique phone calls.  


Schedule for later or at the press of a button you can receive an incoming call, this allows for last minute decision making as you probably won’t realise you’re in a tight situation until it’s too late. 


Some other features include:


  • Importing your favourite audio as a ringtone or if you can’t decide choose one from the built-in ringtones. 
  • Record your own voice so you know exactly what to expect, making the prank call conversation more realistic and engaging. 
  • Beautiful design and good user-interface. 


Funcalls- Best Voice Changer & Call Recording


This voice changing app will allow you to change your voice during a call in real-time. 

Fooling a friend through a prank call has never been funnier as you have a variety of voices you can choose from. ‘Helium balloon’, and ‘Funny sound’ can be used if you want to have a high voice and ‘Man sound’ and ‘Scary sound’ should be used for a lower voice.


If you’re unsure about how you will sound like you can run a demo. A demo allows you to record yourself, so you will know precisely how you sound before you make the prank call. 


As if that wasn’t enough, you can make the call even more realistic with added background sound effects which include Cow moos, Cat meows, farts, a dog barking and Uzi shots.


This app requires a good internet connection as calls are done over the internet by VOIP. 


Written by Niki

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