Too Much To Drink? Try These Five Hangover Cures

We’ve all been there when a quiet night out with friends has turned into stumbling back home at 4am after one too many. If you’re unlucky like many of us, when the morning after arrives you’ll be hit with a horrible hangover. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position then read on to find out our top five tips on how to shake your hangover!

1. Drink Water

Alcohol dehydrates you and if you’re rocking a hangover it’s likely you’ve drunk a lot of it. Grab yourself a pint of water, that’ll help to hydrate you and also make you feel more refreshed than when you woke up. Helpful hint for your next time drinking – drink a pint of water before bed and you’ll probably find yourself waking up hangover free!

2. Eat

Admittedly it might not be the first thing on your mind, especially if you’ve been unfortunate to have a tactile chunder or two the night before but eating is key to making you feel better. Food is always your friend, hungover or not. But in these times of need, it’ll help to replace all of the salts you’ve lost along with replacing fatty acids to break down any lingering alcohol. Who said CelebMix isn’t full of scientific knowledge? If you’re wondering what your best food choice bet is, it’s a fry up or some wholemeal toast.

3. Take Painkillers

Woken up hungover and with a headache from hell? Grab yourself some painkillers pronto. But be sure to avoid aspirin as it’s going to mess with your stomach big time, and probably cause you to throw up which won’t make your hangover anymore enjoyable. Two paracetamol with a nice glass of water will, however, begin to shift your hangover symptoms so they’ll probably be gone before lunchtime.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

Take a walk outside, go and catch up with your friends in the fresh air and just have a laugh about all those drunk texts you sent to those people you vowed to ditch from your lives. We’ve all been there but the fresh air will help you to see things clearly again, feel more alert and ready to face the day in style.

5. Shower


If after all the above tips don’t work then a good simple shower will do the trick. Wash away all the remains of your hangover, the mistakes you made or those cringe moments you want to never remember again. Hey, if you can’t shake the hangover then you might as well look and smell good instead!

Hangovers are never fun but can be avoided with careful planning and regular water breaks during your night out. Which hangover cures work best for you? Tweet us @Fuzzable to let us know!

Written by Nicola

A history student with a love for boybands and writing.

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