Top 5 Fall Hair Colors to Experiment with for 2016

Fall is a time to experiment with yourself. From your wardrobe, to nails to lip shades everything undergoes a change. Then why should your hair be left far behind? Thus, here’s presenting some of the best Fall Hair Colors to experiment with this season

  1. Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights has been trending quite a lot after actress Miranda Kerr sported it. A great choice of light highlighting only the contours of your face, this Fall Hair Colour look would complement your face cut. You can opt for a caramel highlight with black of dark brown hair or vice versa.

  1. Bombshell Red

A light red to orange monotone is great for the Fall Hair Colors this season. It is easy maintenance. It is best to choose a color which goes best with your skin tone and complements your look. Also, you can match your fall wardrobe shades with your hair color!

  1. Halfway Honey

A mixture of two or more fall color palettes the halfway honey combines several colors to give you one complete and finished look. Half of your hair is left colored dark or light; and the other half is dyed with multi-colored streaks. Looks classy, cool and chic!

  1. Chocolate Rose Gold

As the name suggests, the choice of colors are very unique and suitable for this season. The bottom of the hair is gently streaked with pinkish tones and changes into brown as it goes up. This hair color does not need a touch up every six weeks and you can actually experiment with it and forget about it. Let the colors do the magic!


  1. Smoky Lilac

This shade of color falls under one of the off beat hair colors. It is a transition of deep purple into a smoky grayish hue. It is apt for those having long hair and wanting to experiment with different shades.

If you like any of these colours do let us know? Also, do not forget to share your hair colour experiments with us only on @Fuzzable

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