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Top 10 Ultimate Cocktails To Savour This Summer

With summer coming into full swing, there is always time for your favorite cocktail. Whether you’re socializing with friends and having a Friday-night treat, having some quality family time, enjoying the luxury of your jacuzzi, or just putting your feet up for five minutes peace on your sofa, a delicious homemade cocktail is what you need. From a fruity Woo Woo and a tangy Margarita to a classy Cosmopolitan or summer Pimm’s, there are endless cocktails to choose from that caters for all occasions and satisfy our taste buds. With cocktails to suit our every mood, every season and even every outfit, which comes out overall as the best beverage to sip on?

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According to a recent research study conducted by Arlo & Jacob, a cocktail index has been analyzed and prepared, showcasing some of the most popular cocktails that you can enjoy at your home. With a breadth of beverages varying in color, size, taste, and cost, these cocktails were scored out of 100 and were measured based on multiple parameters including overall preparation time, aesthetic, cost and popularity factor.

Would you not want to know which drink came out on top as the ultimate cocktail and the ones that will best fit your cocktail criteria?

Here are the top 10 ultimate cocktails ideas that you can prepare yourself, all in the comfort of your own home. Now enjoy the artistry of a delicious cocktail and savour your taste buds ideal on any occasion!

Image: Cuba Libre
Rank Cocktail Overall Score Cost (per serve)
1 Old Fashioned 65 £1.46
2 Bellini 64 £1.21
3 Earl Grey Martini 63 £0.72
4 Orange Blossom Bellinis 61 £0.75
5 Mojito 59 £3.48
6 Apple, Elderflower & Gin 55 £1.26
7 Cosmopolitan 55 £1.83
8 White Russian 54 £2.25
9 Pimm’s 54 £1.91
10 Cuba Libre 51 £1.80

The Old Fashioned cocktail took the crown as the ultimate queen and reserved the top spot as the most popular drink to make, according to Google Search trends. With just 5 minutes preparation time needed, this whiskey-based beverage costs £1.46 per serving. With an orange glow, the Old Fashioned cocktail only requires 7 ingredients to make, so there’s no reason to not impress guests at a dinner party with this lavish pocket-friendly beverage.

Image: The Old Fashioned
Image: Bellini

The Venetian-based Bellini’s proved extremely popular in the results ranking second followed with Orange Blossom positioned at fourth. With the classic Bellini requiring just 2 ingredients – prosecco and peach puree, this cocktail is not just savoury in taste but also time-saving in preparation.

Image: Earl Grey Martini

Next comes in third place is the Earl Grey Martini, with Mojito securing a comfortable fifth for itself. The citrus tang is a real crowd-pleaser coming in the top place for its beauty factor with a whopping 4.2 million Instagram hashtags. WOW!

Image: Blueberry Mojito (Image source)

The Gin Spritzer, with a hint of watermelon or raspberry, has been crowned as the cheapest cocktail to make at home this summer, at just 23p per serving. Ten minutes are all you need! Traditional English summer Pimm’s ranked eighth in the cocktail index being hashtagged over 400,000 times on Instagram.

Image: Gin Spritzer
Image: Pimm’s

If details are what you admire, we have options that would complement your taste and delight your guests. These drinks require more ingredients and will take you slightly longer to put together.

The Mulled Wine cocktail requires the most ingredients at 16, which with a reasonable preparation time of 12 minutes, would be the perfect Christmas party beverage. Other famous cocktails that require that extra bit of effort include the Bloody Mary and the Long Island Iced Tea – both of which need 9 ingredients.

Image: Bloody Mary
Image: Pina Colada

The Bloody Mary also comes in as the third most expensive cocktail, at £3.58 per serving. For a dinner party of four, expect to be paying nearly £15 for the first round of drinks. The Mojito and Pina Colada also come in as some of the most expensive cocktails, costing £3.48 and £3.36.

With a line up worth exploring, you can go an extra mile and impress your guests with not just one or two but a whole range of cocktails. Stir and shake!

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