Top 10 Autumn / Winter Fashion Trends For Men

The Winter season can be a confusing time in fashion… 

You want to look stylish, fashion forward and experiment with new trends, but, as everyone knows, winter outfits are notoriously un-smart. 

It’s the eternal conflict of the season, how do you maintain your sense of style but be comfortable, practical and warm at the same time?

And with the daily emergence of 101 new fashion blogs and vlogs making fashion so much more accessible nowadays,  keeping up with all of the latest trends can be really quite overwhelming.

So here, I have complied a list of the top 10 menswear trends you need to know for Winter 2018…



Featured heavily on the catwalk during Men’s Fashion Weeks around the world, moss green is probably one of the biggest colour trends in men’s fashion this season.

Whilst it’s easy to revert to wearing dark neutrals during the winter months, rich, deep, mossy green tones can be applied to any and every look, for any and every occasion.

From suiting up to streetwear, daywear to nightwear, adding a touch of this seasonal colour can really help to elevate your outfit and break up the usual dreary black, navy and grey colours often associated with the season.

And the best thing about this colour? It works brilliantly on all skin tones.

TOP TIP: team moss green pieces with any of the go to dark/neutral staples in your wardrobe.


Continuing the on-going 70’s revival (prominent in men’s fashion for some time now) silk shirts are definitely an on trend style winner this Autumn/Winter.

And with designers creating more variety than ever, men will no longer need to rely on the pyjama style, silk shirt of old as their go to piece to wear once the Christmas party season begins.

So whether it’s bold prints, vibrant colours or edgy patterns, a silk shirt is the perfect way to liven up your look.

TOP TIP: to ensure your silk shirt really stands out, chose more neutral pieces to wear alongside it.


Providing warmth, comfort AND style, oversized padded jackets are hugely popular right now.

In keeping with this season’s biggest style obsession, comfort-wear, the padded puffer jacket is not only practical and simple in its design, but it also provides some extra insulation, so not only will you look stylish in one of these fashion forward pieces, you will also be kept warm during the cold winter months.

TOP TIP: with a padded jacket you can also incorporate two of this seasons key trends – oversized and nostalgia. So don’t be afraid to channel your inner 90’s child or sport a larger sized jacket than normal… more is more, be daring, go big!!


Corduroy is back in a big way this season, especially when it comes to tailoring, so if you’re aim is to maintain that classic suited autumn/winter look, you can’t go wrong with a full corduroy suit.

But beware that corduroy, as can be the case with many other vertical-patterned fabrics, can just as easily make an outfit look dated as it can fresh, stylish and sharp, so it’s best to purchase a well-tailored slim cut, fitted corduroy suit that fits your shape and size perfectly.

Aside from a cord suit, it can be difficult to take a classic fabric such as corduroy and make it look modern, so it’s a good idea to team your cord garments with some edgy pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

TOP TIP: a fitted pair of corduroy trousers could be worn with a black leather biker jacket, or a cord blazer with a pair of stonewash skinny jeans and loafers, this way you’re putting your own modern twist on a classic look.


While the graphic t-shirt made a comeback late last year, this season sees the trend taken one step further with the introduction of graphic knitwear.

More emphasised and bold than a regular graphic tee, slogans are now intrinsically sewn into rather than sewn onto knitwear, adding a whole new depth to this look.

Not only is this fashion forward trend becoming hugely popular with designers, it is also the perfect garment to wear during the Autumn/Winter season as during the dark, bleak winter months it’s pretty hard to show off a cool graphic tee without catching a cold.

TOP TIP: the slogan on your knitwear should be the statement piece of your whole outfit, so be sure to tone down the rest of your ensemble by wearing more muted colours.


Forget about your tight skinny jeans and muscle bearing tees, oversized menswear pieces, (perfect for hiding a multitude of sins over the Christmas period), are all the rage this season.

When it comes to shape and volume, more is definitely more with this look, so be on the lookout for relaxed-legged trousers, loose fitted / skater style jeans, inflated proportioned knitwear, baggy hoodies and oversized coats.

TOP TIP: if you’re feeling less confident about this trend, but still want to give it a try, opt for more sober, muted coloured oversized pieces which you can team with your go to casuals and comfy’s.


In contrast to the more conservative go-to colour of the season, moss green, bright orange bursts through as THE statement colour to be wearing during the festive period.

Not only will a pop colour add some vibrancy to your outfit but oranges rich, deep tones mean (like moss green) it tends to be the one colour that compliments and flatters most skin tones, adding a natural glow to your skin and injecting a bit of warmth into a dull, grey day.

TOP TIP: if orange isn’t a colour you’re feeling overly confident about wearing, you can always be subtle with your choices. Try adding a splash of orange to your outfit by wearing orange socks, an orange tie or orange pocket square.


Having made a triumphant comeback over the last couple of years, roll neck sweaters were once again a prominent feature on the runway for this coming season.

However, this season we see the roll neck sweater trend evolving and expanding, with designers now experimenting with a variety of different rainbow colours, patterns, thicknesses and styles.

The perfect garment for keeping warm during the cold winter months, take this classic, simple traditional look to the next level by having some fun and experimenting with all of the new variations and styles on offer.

TOP TIP: give the traditional suit look a modern twist by replacing a shirt and tie with a roll neck or if you’re going for a more casual look, slip a chunky statement knitwear sweater over your roll neck and team it with a pair of loose fitted corduroy trousers.


Pop culture seems to love a throwback nowadays, and the fashion world is no different, as the biggest and the best trends from the late 80’s and 90’s have found their way back to the forefront of fashion, influencing many of this seasons new collections.

Whether it’s grunge, New-Wave, classic hip-hop, or street style, 80’s and 90’s references can be seen all over catwalks and editorial campaigns worldwide.

At the forefront of this pre-millennium style revival, is sportswear, with co-ord tracksuits, oversized branded sweatshirts, cross-body bumbags, classic hi-tops and trainers all becoming wardrobe essentials for men.

TOP TIP: be sure to balance more casual nostalgic pieces (tracksuits/sweatshirts) with smarter items like oversized coats or roll necks.


Looser tailoring has become more and more popular this past year, with designers favouring a more casual cut and fit of trouser, as opposed to more traditional boot cut or slim fit styles.

With this trend there is no such thing as the ‘correct fit’ – trousers tend to be baggier and have a longer rise, so feel free to experiment different cuts and lengths until you fit the right fit for you.

TOP TIP:  this style of trouser lends itself perfectly to a more slouchy, relaxed unstructured look, so team them with other loose fitting pieces.

What are top tips for mens fashion this Autumn/Winter season? What vibes and styles are you feeling? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or Instagram now.

Written by philip_logan

Contact: Twitter & IG: @philip_logan

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