Tony Award winner Steven Sater releases debut novel

Broadway fanatics will know the workings of musical genius Steven Sater – his biggest show being the iconic “Spring Awakening”. The show received countless awards and launched stars like Glee’s Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff into stardom. His other work includes shows such as The Nightingale and Prometheus Bound.  Now, Steven has released his first novel “Alice By Heart”.

The novel is based on a musical Steven wrote, which was debuted at the National Theatre of London MCC. Now as a book,we get to go deeper into Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.


The synopsis of Alice By Heart is below –

London, 1940. Amidst the rubble of the Blitz of World War II, fifteen-year-old Alice Spencer and her best friend, Alfred, are forced to take shelter in an underground tube station. Sick with tuberculosis, Alfred is quarantined, with doctors saying he won’t make it through the night. In her desperation to keep him holding on, Alice turns to their favorite pastime: recalling the book that bonded them, and telling the story that she knows by heart–the story of Alice in Wonderland.

What follows is a stunning, fantastical journey that blends Alice’s two worlds: her war-ravaged homeland being held together by nurses and soldiers and Winston Churchill, and her beloved
Wonderland, a welcome distraction from the bombs and the death, but a place where one rule always applies: the pages must keep turning. But then the lines between these two worlds begin to blur. Is that a militant Red Cross Nurse demanding that Alice get BACK. TO. HER. BED!, or is it the infamous Queen of Hearts saying…something about her head? Soon, Alice must decide
whether to stay in Wonderland forever, or embrace the pain of reality if that’s what it means to grow up.



Set during the Blitz, times were exceptionally bleak during the 1940s, especially for children. With many becoming evacuees far from family and friends and many facing life threatening illnesses, poverty and not much in the way of entertainment, you can easily picture the world Steven is transporting his readers to.

To promote the book, some very famous faces have been reading extracts. His famous pals include Jonathan and Lea, Grahame Phillips, Alex Brightman Sandra Mae Frank and our favourite Serj Tankian (the rock ICON), who have all read excerpts from the book and shared with their followers.

If you’re a fan of history, Alice in Wonderland (or any classical story) magic, tragedy or even musicals, you need to have this book in your reading list – Fuzzable tick every box in that list! We can guarantee that we’ll be bringing you a full review very soon.

You can purchase Alice by Heart now from Amazon in Hardback, Kindle and audiobook formats.

Make sure you check back here at Fuzzable (@Fuzzable) soon for the full review!

Written by Niki

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