Tips to improve SEO that nobody tells you

With the outbreak of digital movement across the globe, everybody is trying to fetch more traffic and generate revenue. You might also be looking for optimizing your website so as to drive more traffic. People often end up entering the Black Hat territory while performing SEO. While it can boost your rankings immediately but you have the danger of being blacklisted. And believe me, there are severe penalties to such techniques resulting in the removal of your website from the internet. You don’t want to end up like this. Although there are no set rules to how the SEO works, still there are a few dos and don’ts.

Looking up the internet, you’ll find plenty of articles on how to perform SEO and number of tricks to do so. Here’s the catch. None of them or rather most of them are irrelevant. In the plethora of articles and amidst all the confusion, it is easier to be fooled and end up the wrong road. So, what should you do? What is the correct way to do so? Here are seven ways that will definitely improve your SEO, without taking you to the grayline. 

Refresh And Update Your Content Regularly

Almost all of the SEO companies will tell you this. And it is true. You need to be a regular blogger. You need to keep your content afresh all the time. This does not necessarily mean that you should post a new blog every time. You can keep on updating the already existing content accordingly. Include new information, whatever you feel like sharing. Bear Newman from Bear Fox Marketing says that SEO is essential for driving web traffic because it makes sure that search engines see your website as dependable and relevant. Make your content relevant to what your business is about. At all times your content should be revolving around what you exactly want to deliver. 

Link Your Website Or Your Webpage To Other URLs

Search engines rank websites or web pages on the basis of links a URL has. Although Google has said many times that it does not favor guest posting. Nevertheless, guest posting does not essentially mean that you should bulk post and build links. Deliver your content to the blog you want to guest post at. Embed the link to your desired URL, where you wish to divert traffic to. Make it a natural post. Your post shouldn’t be in any way feel like promoting something.

Research Your Keyword

A common mistake that almost all the newbies do is while selecting the keyword. There are a number of tools available online that can help you with the selection of keywords. Your keywords should be relevant to what your site is about or what your business is about. Pick a keyword that does not have too much competition but also should have an optimum volume of searches. Your research should also take location into account. Choose an IP address that accurately reflects the geo-location of your target when conducting Google and other search research. This way, you can ensure that your efforts are paying off in locales of interest to your business.

Don’t Go After The Search But Go After Search Intent

People select their keywords which are the most searched. This may get you traffic but it is more important to convert this traffic. Mere traffic through your website is not gonna generate you any revenue, unless of course if you run an advertising page. Rather than going after what people search for, you should try to understand what the user intents to search. I know that this could be a little brainstorming but it is worth it. Consider that someone googles, “basketball under 5$” and you have made your keyword, “best basketball”. The search is all the way more irrelevant in this case, and you may rank at the bottom or not at all, for that matter.

Blend Your Keywords Into Your Content

Include your keywords in your title, your content, your metatext. Include it repetitively in your content. But make sure that you do not repeat it too much. Repeating your keywords excessively will do you more harm than it would benefit you. Another thing that you should keep in mind while writing your content is that your keywords should blend in. Your content shouldn’t be too stuffed up. It should come up naturally to the reader. Search engines also consider bounce rate while ranking your website. And bad content can increase your bounce rate. 

You Need Both: On-Page And Off-Page SEO

Often people perform their on-page SEO very well and unconsciously neglects the off-page SEO, or vice-versa. In either case, rank would merely be changed, let alone be improved. You need to understand this that when it comes to SEO, the SERs are ranked by evaluating both, on-page content and off-page content. Your on-page content is the one that you upload on your own website or web page. Whereas, off-page SEO depends on the backlinks that your web page has. There are many other factors that affect your off-page SEO such as, your domain authority, the quality of your backlinks, your identity, domain age and many more. All of these helps the search engines establish trust in your website. And this is exactly what you want in order to rank amongst the top search results.

Relate To What The Searcher Want And Not What You Give

You need to understand that nobody is coming to you. It is you who has to take your product to the customer. Having said that, it would be easier for you to understand that the searcher’s point of view is way more important than yours. This is a never-ending process. As the search engines are evolving, you need to evolve too. Make your content as much, relevant to what people might want, as possible. Keep updating your content and your keywords. You need to be regular and consistent in doing so. The easiest way to know what customer might want is to look up at the search suggestions that Google throws at you when you enter your keywords. All of these suggestions are there because people have been searching for them. Google picks up trends and presents the most relevant to you as per your search history.

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